Some people are photogenic

The definition of photogenic is an assessment of the availability of external data, which can be successfully reproduced on photographs or the silver screen. Thus, a real photogenic beauty has a lot in common. Wide-set eyes, protruding chin, sharp cheekbones, sharply defined oval face – features, which in real life do not seem particularly attractive. However, in the picture they are transformed, becoming the highlight. Many models in real life are not beautiful people, but the posters and spreads of fashion magazines, they have no equal.
To photogenic, but in reality is far from the beauty of the models include Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Affects the active photogenic facial expressions and how symmetrical the model the facial features. In everyday life the difference between left and right eye can be completely invisible, but affect. People with lively facial expressions on the static picture lose some of their charm, freezing with one, sometimes not the best expression.

Can I become photogenic?

People are born, not made photogenic, unless you intend to use the services of a plastic surgeon. However, using some tricks, you can attractive to get in the picture. If you have planned a photoshoot, contact your makeup artist which will make you need a makeover: bring out your eyes, accentuate the shape of the face, will mask minor defects. Want to do on their own – do not use glitter eye shadow, powder or lipstick. This decor will give glare in the photo and spoil the. Take a stack of napkins matting, if necessary, you can quickly wipe the shiny sweat face.

Looking in the mirror, pick up a good for you posture. Maybe someone else and it turns out great from all angles, but once you have that ability, it doesn't mean that you should not be photographed. Experiment with popular POS stand sideways to the mirror, pretend hair, sit down, watching the posture and stretching at the same one foot. Patrullajes, and carefully jump up and down while watch him.
Even Marilyn Monroe, considered a beauty, allowed photographers to shoot her only in certain angles, which are the most profitable emphasized her beauty.

Find a good photographer. The result of shooting depends not only on the photogenic models and talent who will take it off. The photographer with whom you are a pleasure to work and whose skill is not in doubt, get the best shots.