Scientific point of view

Scientists close to the idea that the soul is a bundle of energy that is inside of the human body. It is formed in the womb and leaves the body several days after death. The existence of such a bundle of energy proven some tens ago. Nowadays there are many devices that can determine the shape, size and spectral color. However, so far there is no scientific evidence that this energy cloud is the soul of man.


The Greek Plato believed that the soul outwardly looks like one. While inside man is a compound man, the lion and the Chimera that co-exist in one body. Minded people Morita spiritual hunger of their inner form, and feeds the multi-headed beast, at that time, as a rational — tries to be fair, tame the lion and ennobling Chimera. Plato presented this image as an allegory, which tried to explain human behavior.

The idea of the soul of the peoples of the world

The representatives of the people of the Inuit believed that the soul repeats the shape of the body. However, it is translucent and airy.

The Indian tribe Nootka living on the same island, I believe that the soul is like a small copy of a person growth of 30-50 centimeters. Night can leave the physical body and roam the house.

The ancient Slavs who lived in the Western part of Russia, it was believed that the soul is like a translucent cloud of smoke, which can attain any shape. According to legends, was located in the area between the throat and belly. Ancient people believed that grows and ages along with a person pairs eating the food that he uses.

The first settlers of Sloboda Ukraine was a belief that the soul is a tiny man with a transparent body, which protects its owner. And the inhabitants of Vladimir region believed in the same little man, however, imagined him without bones.

Many peoples of the world existed beliefs, according to which the souls of the dead or even the living people in the dream state, can assume the form of animals, insects or trees.

The soul in Christianity

In the Christian religion there is no clear description of the soul. However, repeatedly mentioned in the Bible.