Henna is made from high lawsonia shrub that grows in hot climates and reaches a height of over two meters. It is known that it gives hair a special copper tint helps with the time to acquire the necessary density and volume of hair. But sometimes there are situations where the henna reacts chemically with other elements in hair, and the shade can be unexpected, for example, green. To wash the henna is completely impossible, it can only grow, gradually cutting off the tips of the hair.

With the help of hair dye

However, there are many ways rendered undesirable color. The fastest is the rendering of henna with high-quality paint for coloring hair, preferably only the use of dark colors, they are best placed on the hair and does not give undesirable color. With this coloring you will get rid of the unsightly shade of henna, but completely out of your hair, it will not work, you only hide it.

The use of masks

There are also traditional methods of removing henna, such methods include a mask based on yogurt or milk. As you know, the yogurt, like any dairy product, has a larger number of special bacteria that are used in various fields of life, and it is believed that they can bring the color pigments. Throughout the length of the hair, apply the yogurt or sour milk, then wrap hair in cling film or cellophane, wrap a towel on top to create a thermal effect, and wait an hour. Through this period of time you can safely wash off the mask with shampoo and conditioner.

It is proved that all the henna out of my hair will not get away, but at least shade it will become much softer, and paint it will be much faster after a few such procedures.

To make the shade softer also help oil mask, that is, the use of conventional vegetable oils. After application to the hair and washes oil, the color gradually disappears. Anyway, this is just a means of mitigating shade of henna, but to paint it will be possible only by using quality paints with lasting color pigment.