Program to create a collage

To create an unusual collage of digital images, do not have to own the program "Photoshop", because there is a sufficient number of specialized applications. You only need to choose the most suitable option of the program. And even better, if you install on computer several applications. In this case, you can create interesting collages with little effort and knowledge, as in most programs, – intuitive and easy to use interface and wizard prompts.

What can be used to create a photo collage? Specially designed for this purpose programs a lot. Here are just some of them.

Wondershare Photo Collage Studio has set all the necessary tools for creating quick collages, a rich set of frames, masks, templates, filters, cliparts, stamps, and other decorations. With this program you can easily create a photo collage, but also their own calendar with your photos. Save the final image in one PNG, JEPG, BMP,JPG, TIFF.

Program "photo Collage" is a great option for those who want to create unusual images from their images. The program is intuitive and easy to use.

"Master of collage" - the product of AMS Software, which also allows for practically a few steps to make an original collage. The original image obtained by using the program "Studio collage" from the same manufacturer AMS Software. You only need to choose a ready template to add photos, decorate with additional elements, save and print.

FotoCollage, Photo Collage Max will also help in the process of creating collages. They are functional, as they allow not only to use ready-made templates and create their own, and at the same time very easy to use. To master them, even to the beginner. And that's not even all apps for photo collages. In fact, much more. So search, choose and create.

"Photo collage" for the original design images

Before work, following the wizard prompts, install it on your computer one of the programs designed to create a photo collage. Select the images from which I plan to make a photo collage. For convenience, copy or move them to a separate folder. After I finished the preparatory work, start creating your own masterpiece.

To do this, run the program - in this case - FotoCollage ("Collage"), clicking on the shortcut on the desktop (it is installed automatically) or locate the application in "start menu" under "All programs." After the program is loaded in the new window, select "Create new project". Then presented in a new window options, select a project type of collage that is most appropriate for your idea. Select the page template of your collage. So, the program offers several options: a simple, textural, chaotic, Polaroid style, original.

The next step is to choose a collage template. In the program, depending on the photos and your ideas, you can use one of the options: easy, baby, wedding, Christmas, seasons, travel, vintage, abstract. For the convenience of working in the "Collage" has a preview window that allows you to visually represent the design of the future image. After decide the collage template, click "Next" and specify the parameters of the finished image: its height and width, resolution and orientation (landscape or portrait).

If you prefer to create your own, personalized, project collage, use the first option - "Blank project", select a page format, width and height of the image, resolution, orientation. If you need to change page size, apply the function "format Editor".

When moving to the next stage of the creative process in the project, add the necessary photos. Along the left hand side of the work window in the section "Photos", select and open the folder with the desired images. Now select your photos and click and drag them to a ready-made template. Pictures of this will automatically take the right size.

After you fill the page with photos, in the section "Background" (in the left of the work window if you want, apply your own background, choosing as the background image of a gradient, a solid color, texture or image.

In the section "Effects and frames, select frames for images for your collage. It is sufficient to note the desired frame and drag and drop it on a specific photo. If desired, you can decorate your collage with text and extra decorations. The finished photo will only save. For this, the menu "File" select "Save as image" or "Save JPEG with quality setting" and specify the quality of the collage in percent. Without closing the program, you can print the finished photo. Or do it any other time.

Similarly created photo and program Photo Collage Max, which is also all the work will do for you myself. You only need to choose the template to post pictures and decorate your photo collage.