You will need
  • - computer with Windows operating system.
Launch Paint and load the main photo. These operations can be combined, if you click the thumbnail pictures in a Windows Explorer or on the desktop, right-click, go to the context menu in the section "Open with" and choose the line Paint. If you have already downloaded the image editor via the menu "start", then to call the dialog opening the desired file is convenient to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. the Main consider the photograph that should be on the right or top in the final image.
Add additional space in the main pictures, to place it upon the second photo. To make it easier by moving nodal points - they are placed on the right and bottom borders of the image and in the lower right corner. Move them by holding the left mouse button. Increase the width or height (depending on where you want to place the second photo) with the stock. After the procedure, the extra space can be removed the same way.
Load the second photo. To do this, open the drop-down list "Insert" tab on the "Main" menu in Paint and select "Paste from". In the dialog that opens, browse to and select the file, and then click Open. Paint will put the second photo over the first and turn on the editing mode.
Move the second picture to the desired location and set it to the correct dimensions. Moving is highlighted by a dotted frame the image by dragging it with the left mouse button, and the resize is not difficult with nodal points - in this case eight, four at each corner and in the middle of each side.
Turn off the mode of editing the second photo, clicking the mouse outside the selected area, and finally adjust the size of the combined image. Then save the result to a file - save dialog you can call, opening the application menu by clicking the blue button and selecting "Save as".