You will need
  • The software Adobe Photoshop.
For example, you can take several photos of your pet: dog, cat, parrot, hamster, etc Open a larger photo in which you will post all the other pictures. You can use a photograph of your pet is in the middle of the frame, and the small pictures to place around it.
Open a few small photos, select any. Click on the rectangle select tool". On the main pane, select the value Feather=0, Style – Normal. Select the desired portion of the picture, for example, the head of your pet. Press Ctrl + C to copy the highlighted area, go to photo, press Ctrl + V to paste. To reduce the size of the inserted image, press Ctrl + t To zoom in scale mode, drag the mouse to the edge of the photo while holding the Shift button. Move the pictures to any place and click "OK" (check mark on the main panel).
The same needs to be done with the rest of the photos. These photos can be any number. After adding all photos, press F7 (layers panel). Select the first inserted you image. Click the "Add layer mask". Click on the Brush tool. Start to gently move it around the edges of the image, thereby you will achieve blur the edges. This operation is done with all images. After all, you can click the "File" menu, select "Save as", select format .jpg and click "Save".