You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • photography.
In one collage, you can collect pictures with a common theme: event or object. The final picture will look more interesting if it will include both the overall plan and major. As background fit quality photograph of missing details that attract attention. It can be monotonous landscape, flowers or the leaves taken closeup.
Take a sheet of paper matching the aspect ratio with background image and draw the approximate location of the images. To create one large collage of quite picturesthat will set the mood of the whole composition, and four or five additional shots. They can be made smaller than the parent image.
Option Open the File menu, load the next background of the collage in Photoshop and make it a template, which then fills the rest of the images. To do this, unlock the downloaded image option Layer from Background group New menu Layer. Clicking in the lower pane of the layers palette click the Add layer mask, add a mask to the background image.
Turn on the Rectangular Marquee tool in Add to selection mode and select the areas where images will be inserted. If your intention is to use rectangular images, and round or oval, select the Elliptical Marquee tool. If necessary, the option Grid group Show View menu switch on grid, which will help to locate exactly created the selection.
Go to the layer mask and fill it in selected areas with black. This can be done by applying the Paint Bucket tool.
As an additional design images, apply strokes, which will help to separate images from the background. Option group Stroke Layer Style menu open the Layer style options and set the position, width and stroke color.
Option Place File menu load the images into the document, which will be assembled collage. For each image that is opened in this way, use the option group Smart Object Rasterize the Layer menu.
Drag the photo under the layer with the background image using the mouse. The Move tool move the shots so that the fragments are designed for the collage, it seemed transparent to the Windows created in the background with the mask. If necessary, reduce or rotate the photo by applying the Free Transform option from Edit menu. If multiple transparent sections of the background visible part of the same image, erase unnecessary portions of the image Eraser.
Add a caption to the collage. Including the Horizontal Type tool, click on the picture to start the text and enter the text. As the color of the letters select the color of the stroke applied to the background.
Save the collage in jpg file Save As option the File menu.