Make a collage of pictures online free using the popular and easy to learn site First, select one of the suggested templates of the collage, then upload from the computer from 2 to 6 photos, arranging them on the template in the correct order. It now remains to save the created composition. The same way there are other similar sites, links to which you'll find below. In addition to creating the collage, you can also apply different color filters, slightly tratorious the image and crop the picture.
You can make a collage of photos for free by downloading online one of the special mobile applications. Use the AppStore and Google Play by searching for "photo collage". The most popular application to create photo collages on the iPhone are Diptic, Framestatic and GridLens. If you are using Android phone, please pay attention to the program KD Collage, Photo Grid and Pic Collage.
Download on computer one of the programs to create collages online. For example, conditionally free Russian app "photo Collage" possesses enough good tools, lots of templates and thus has a completely Russian interface, which allows quickly to understand it.
Among English-speaking applications high positions of Picasa. This program can be used instead of the standard application to view photos Windows. Launch Picasa, open the image in edit mode, then go to menu "Create" and select "Create photo collage". You can also change the exposure, white balance and saturation. The created collage is saved by default in the Picasa folder, which will appear in the system tab of the "Image".
Another popular application that allows you to make free photo collage is Photo Collage Max. Its advantage is the presence of a large number of templates for collages in the form of calendars, greeting cards, etc., which gives great opportunities for creativity. Of the minuses – rather complicated-to-learn interface.