Today to learn about my "interesting" position is easy. You just need to buy in a drugstore special test. How about pregnancy learned by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers?

Definition of pregnancy by means of iodine and soda

Did our ancestors, the medicine will reach such a level it has reached now? Of course not. But the fact that the pregnant woman's body occur some changes, I guess. And were confident that these changes necessarily affect the woman's urine, that's why most methods of determining pregnancy in those days were associated with her. In particular, there were two methods of determining conception with iodine. One technique involves the addition of 2 drops of iodine in a container of urine. If the drug in it was dissolved, then pregnancy is ruled out, but if floated on the surface was confirmed.

In another method, iodine had to drip on a piece of paper soaked in the urine of women. If the iodine is joined with the liquid in the reaction, that is, the dyed paper in blue or violet, the woman announced that she will become a mother soon, and if there was no response, had to bear unpleasant news. To tell the woman about the presence or absence of inside the womb, the baby could and soda. For this experiment also collected urine women and add to it one spoonful of soda. If the soda fizzing with effervescence, the pregnancy was still at the planning stage, and if precipitated, was possible to assert that the conception occurred.

How else determined the pregnancy

Our ancestors gave great importance to dreams. And today, many dream books you can read that the fish dreams to pregnancy. And most surprisingly, many women confirm that the fish in their dreams and it pointed to pregnancy.

If a woman wanted to know whether it will be soon a mom or not, she offered to put two onions, and guessing which of them will symbolize the nascent life and what is not. Next, it was necessary to wait until the bulbs sprout and the one that first reaches a height of 4 cm, and had to give the correct answer.

Very popular way of identifying a pregnancy with the help of engagement rings and your own hair. Was pulling the hair into a ring and hung it over the abdomen. Pregnancy indicated any movement of the ring, as if it were motionless, the conception was not confirmed. By the way, this same method was determined and the sex of the baby: if the ring moved from side to side, then waited for the boy, if in a circle, then the girl. And yet it was believed that the urine of the pregnant women were able to act as fertilizer. She was watering the flowers in the garden and watched them if they were given the lush color and was healthy and beautiful, then women confirmed pregnancy.