We can assume the existence of pregnancy before the beginning of the month. During the implantation of the ovum in the uterus, which occurs 6-10 days after fertilization, some women feel a slight tingling in the abdomen or region of the ovaries. Can go the so-called implantation bleeding on the underwear you receive a few drops of blood, and menstruation subsequently. Careful pregnant also notice in the morning when cleansing nose bleeding.

Will help to suspect pregnancy without a test and see a doctor symptoms such as morning sickness, delay the next menstruation, drowsiness, swelling and breast tenderness, mood swings, excessive irritability and tearfulness, frequent urination, increased gustatory and olfactory sensations, ferruginous taste in mouth, increased or poor appetite, craving for certain food, mild pain in the uterus, the jump or decline of libido.

To suspect the pregnancy by using the method of measuring basal body temperature. To plot every morning at the same time measured the body temperature in the anus, vagina or mouth. If pregnancy occurs on the chart you can see the temperature drop during implantation of the ovum, and then its increase observed during the first trimester of pregnancy.

There are popular ways to determine pregnancy at home. For example, if drip into the urine of the pregnant iodine, the drop will not spread and will remain on the surface. If soda is thrown into the urine, hisses, then pregnancy does not occur, if precipitated – on the contrary.

However, all these signs of pregnancy are not reliable, accurately determine the presence or absence of the ovum in the uterus can only be a doctor.