Decide that all women are different. Someone from the first days of pregnancy, nauseous, frequent urination, craving for pickles. In General, all signs of toxicity in the face. In this case, and without the test happen it is clear that the woman in the position. And it happens that the expectant mother only on the fourth or fifth month, increased stomach, learns that she is pregnant.
How to know about pregnancy without test
Traditionally, the first signs that you have coming addition to the family, is the absence of menstruation. If you delay 2-3 weeks or more, then there are two options - it is a strong hormonal failure or pregnancy.
Not to doubt your situation, contact your doctor. Having handed over blood on hgch, you learn you're pregnant. HCG is a specific hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which begins to produce your body once the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.
Normal levels of HCG in the blood is 0 - 15 IU/ml.
1-2 weeks pregnant - 20 - 145.
2-3 week - 110 - 3640.
Every day the HCG level rises to the mid-term has already reached 9000 - 60000 IU/ml.

The accuracy of the analysis is very high, it allows you to determine exactly you are pregnant or not.
How to know about pregnancy without test
The HCG accurate results, can not give nothing. But if you go to the doctor you can't, pay attention to your body's changes inherent to the pregnant women. This can be a gain and breast tenderness, frequent urge to the toilet, nausea, intolerance of odors, tearfulness. All signs of toxicity. But it can talk about any disease, so do not delay your visit to the doctor! Only he can dispel all your doubts.