Buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy

The most common way to know if the woman in the situation is to do a pregnancy test. At the pharmacy you can buy different tests. They differ from other technology detection of the hormone HCG, which accumulate in the body women if she is pregnant.

The easiest test is a strip coated with a reagent. This reagent reacts chemically with urine. When detected in the urine hormone test will show two strips. This result indicates that the woman is pregnant. The test gives reliable information only in the case if you have not violated the conditions of storage and use. In addition to the test strips still exist jet tests. They are considered to be more accurate and show a positive result even in the early stages of pregnancy. But their price is much higher than normal test strips. Inkjet test does not require urine collection. Enough one end exposed to the urine stream, and after a few moments the result will be known.
Only a doctor can say for sure - a woman a child or not. For this, you will need to inspect and pass a series of tests.

The definition of pregnancy at home

If it is not possible to buy a pregnancy test, you can use a known method. It is still used in the distant past. Need morning urine to dip a paper strip, and then you drop 2 drops of iodine. If the strip has acquired a purple color or purple, it means that the woman is pregnant. If the color of the iodine is the same brown or blue, so pregnancy is not. The veracity of this method of determining pregnancy is not necessary to guarantee. When using test strips or other methods of determining pregnancy, it is important to use fresh morning urine. It will contain a large level of the hormone HCG.
It is recommended to conduct a test to determine pregnancy only after 10 days of a delay monthly. Do a test before just pointless.

Soda is an indispensable tool in the economy. It can be used to determine a woman's pregnant or not. Should be in a clean container to collect some urine. Then pour a teaspoon of baking soda. If there will be noise and hiss, so the test gave a negative result, if the baking soda lay on the bottom silently, so there's a possibility that the family will soon happen the addition.