First of all, define the type of coma. A similar condition can occur for a variety of reasons – due to brain injury, stroke, infectious disease, and progressive diabetes. Only in the latter case, you can count on a medical cure. In other types of coma specialists don't give guarantees.
If the person is plunged into a state of coma, should act immediately. It is necessary to ensure the access of oxygen to the brain and increase blood flow to it. It will provide medical equipment.
Should continuously record changes in brain activity and body functions in order to take timely action. For example, to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, to ensure saturation of the blood.
Medicines that can bring man from coma (except diabetic), simply does not exist. It is considered that the body must mobilize and get out of the pathological state of coma. Do not rush to give up and start looking for alternatives.
Neuropsychology argue that to overcome, who often helps the flow of external information. Regularly tell anything to the patient, turn the music up, take him by the hand. A lot of cases where the result of such actions the man recovered.