To achieve platinum blonde, it is sometimes very difficult. The main enemies of this noble and pleasant color is a natural yellow hair that appears even under strong lighting. This problem most often faced by women who have dark hair and dark skin. Boast blonde hair with no yellow can only some Scandinavian girls: it is thanks to them that there was a second name of a platinum blonde Scandinavian blond.

How to make hair platinum: preparation

Before going for hair coloring in the platinum color, you will need the maximum to be clarified. If you have dark hair, you will have to carry out the procedure of discoloration twice, using clarifiers by 4-6 tones. It is advisable to take breaks of 1-2 weeks between bleaching. Owners of light hair color (blond, red, blond) will need a clarifier on a 1-2 pitch. If you have very blond hair from nature, the discoloration will not need.

Platinum glitter

To receive a platinum shade of hair you can use two types of coloring tools: hair conditioners (shampoo) or resistant paint. The first tool will cause your hair less harmful than paint. By and large, no matter with paint or balm which company you use. If you use the balm, you will simply need to apply it throughout the length of the hair and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Usually the appearance of such balms and the actual hue for hair – you can detect in the bottle with the balm liquid and blue, and purple colors! Don't worry! It is purple in color gives a platinum hue on the hair.

If you use permanent paint platinum color, remember that it can be used only on bleached or very light hair. Otherwise you'll just mess up your hair, you get the desired color.

Care for platinum-blonde

If you think that after coloring the hair you can forget about the care and maintenance of color, then you are greatly mistaken. First, platinum blonde requires a careful and daily care. Secondly, you have to forget about the sun, as ultraviolet light will quickly minimize platinum tone, restoring natural yellowing bleached hair.

For maintaining platinum hair color you will need to constantly touch up hair. You can use balms platinum shades with a frequency of at least once every 2 weeks.