Take for granted the fact that to lead a double life indefinitely is impossible. Have no illusions about men: sooner or later the husband finds out about the lover, you better turn yourselves in. To understand this situation anyway. Make it happened in your favor.
Decide for yourself what you value most in a relationship. A new man is always attractive, but good for a relationship? The flames of passion will gradually fade away, are you ready for a new family that will not only joy, but also problems?
Understand what got you lover. Perhaps you fell into his arms, because they are tired from the routine of family life. But crises happen even in the best-regulated families. Is it necessary to change the comfort of home for the dubious pleasure of secret relationship?
Think about what keeps you close with her husband. Maybe just a habit. Love is gone, the relationship was a spoiled, are you tired to pull the whole burden of family problems? Tell your life partner. If you dear to him, he simply will not allow you to be unhappy. And maybe to keep it from leaving the family.
If you have children, think about their interests. Perhaps your husband is by nature loving, but not all men endowed with such qualities. Ask your beloved whether he is ready to take care of your children. This question will help to clarify his intentions in your relationship.
Consider the material side of the question. Divorce everything else can put you in a difficult monetary situation, consider this scenario. Generous gifts lover is not always excited by the fact that the woman is fully on its content.
And yet the best Advisor in such a delicate choice – love. This feeling is difficult to confuse with something else. The best move to be with the man you love truly. Follow the dictates of your heart, then no complex question will not put you in a deadlock.