There are two types of lawnmowers: petrol and electric. Each of them has their best models that will not fail the consumer in the most difficult conditions mowing grass. So first of all you need to decide what power tool would be the most convenient and profitable. This is probably the most important issue for a buyer is very difficult.
Advantages of electric lawn mowers is that they have a relatively small weight and do not require regular refueling. These "garden hairdressers" is cut the grass, but only on flat terrain. If there are sharp elevation changes, pits and ditches, electric lawn mowers will be difficult to perform quality work in such conditions. The advantage of these units and that they are virtually silent and environmentally friendly.
Of the disadvantages of using this tool it is possible to note the dependence on the cable length and the impossibility of mowing the grass during the rain. Therefore, the electric lawn mower is ideal for small areas with smooth relief. For more complex conditions or mowing away from the house it is not worth buying. There are models equipped with a battery, but it lasts only 2 hours. In the last time there was a tool that can cut my grass without human intervention. But he required the same conditions: flat terrain and proximity to the power source.
Petrol lawn mower – more productive and powerful unit. Width of this type of models is much more than the electric (up to 46cm). But petrol tools have significant drawbacks: high noise of the exhaust. The package includes many models of headphones, but not every consumer considers them convenient to use. Due to volume of collector weight of these devices is considerable, so the process of mowing the grass more difficult. In addition, the maintenance of petrol vehicles are more troublesome.
For small suburban areas with suitable topography, the optimal choice will be electric units. These self-propelled machines are able to cut not only soft grass, and tall tough weeds. From lawn mowers gardeners noted the high quality and usability of the tools companies Craftsman, Bosch and Husqvarna.