Choosing a petrol trimmer, pay attention to the power of the device. This parameter directly affects the performance of the instrument and the quality of the work. The engine should start without effort and have a system to optimize emissions. The weight of the trimmer should be small.
Think about the required time of continuous operation of the device and, based on this, choose a trimmer with a smaller or larger size tank. The more fuel you fill the tank, the longer it can work, but the weight of the tool in this case will increase significantly.

If you need a trimmer, the noise of which during operation will be small, should look to models with a four-stroke engine. Unlike the common push-pull devices, oil and gasoline in these engines are poured separately. The cost of these trimmers, but to work with them more pleasant.
Planning to mow the overgrown weeds in the garden plots or to mow the grass for cattle, choose a professional trimmer that can withstand heavy loads over a long period of operation. If the work will mainly be carried out on the upgraded site, you better pay close attention to the choice of the cutting head of the tool.

The presence of the large number of trees eliminates the possibility to use the trimmer with metal knives. In this case you should buy a model with a cutting line so you do not damage the trees or the tool.
From the shape of the handle also depends on the usability of the trimmer and its application. So, if you have to work on large areas, for a wide swing of this "electronic spit" it is better to select machine with T-handle. If necessary to handle the impenetrable thickets and ravines, buy a trimmer with D-handle.