In order to decide with a manual mower, you need to understand the main characteristics of this tool. Otherwise, the correct choice do not work.

Kinds of trimmers

Rechargeable hand mowers are interesting, but ineffective. They have too small capacity. These trimmers are only suitable for infrequent use on small areas. The battery will last a maximum of forty minutes of continuous operation. But the charging process can take a whole day. The advantages of these manual mowers can be attributed to the small weight and compactness.

The most popular are electric trimmers. Their capacity is large enough to use on a holiday plot with dense grass. However, reliance on electricity is not convenient for everyone. But electric hand mowers are virtually silent work and have little weight.

For professional purposes or large areas it is recommended to use a petrol mower manual with a maximum capacity of 3 kW. Such trimmers can be equipped with two-stroke or four-stroke engines. The first work on a mixture of oil with gasoline, and secondly, oil and gasoline are poured separately. Usually four-stroke engines consume very little fuel. To summarize, you can call petrol trimmers are the most powerful and versatile. But electric and cordless models are lightweight and completely silent.

Basic parameters of manual mowers

The main parameter determining the efficiency of the trimmer is power. For mowing grass on level areas would be sufficient mower with a power of 500 watts. If the area there are small shrubs, it is better to use a more powerful trimmer. Well, on very severe sites will not work without trimmer with power greater than 1 kW.

There are also trimmers, with upper and lower position of the motor. Lower the mower with the engine not recommended for use on wet grass. But such an arrangement allows the engine to use a trimmer for an extended period of time. Much more common trimmers are top of the motor. They can be applied even on wet grass.

Type of drive manual mowers are classified into the trimmers with flexible and rigid shaft. The latter are more reliable. There are also trimmers with D-shaped and T-shaped handles. The first allows you to hold the tool with two hands, and the latter is made to simulate the motion of an ordinary scythe. The weight of the trimmer is also an important parameter, which should pay attention to. When choosing a manual lawn mower weight from 5 kg pay attention to the presence of the belt. Backpack strap will help to distribute the weight of the trimmer on the whole body.