Advice 1: How to choose a lawn mower

If you want to have in the country a beautiful lawn, you have to care for it in the first place - regularly trim the grass. Lawn mowers on the market in large numbers and it is necessary to consider several factors. that should affect your choice of equipment for lawn care.
How to choose a lawn mower
Lawn mowers are traditionally divided into benzokolonki and electric, as well as on a wheeled mowers and trimmers.
The cheapest and easiest option is to purchase a trimmer, that is something like a rod on which is located the electric motor and the mower head with the cutting line. The motors are located at the bottom directly above the line. Trimmers are suitable for small areas, because their power is usually not too high and farm the land a large area be too time-consuming. Disadvantage of the trimmer is that it only works on electricity, so you have to wear a long cord, while the slightest rain, work must stop (as with any electrical equipment).
There are also manual lawn mowers that have the engine (it can be gasoline or electric) is on top. These mowers have high capacity and are suitable for uneven sites where can not ride a lawn mower on wheels. When choosing a manual lawn mower note its weight and think about who in your family will be able to use it if it is quite heavy.
Wheeled lawn mowers can also run on gasoline and electricity. They represent a cart on wheels with a high handle, so in the process you push the mower in front of him like a stroller. Wheel mower much easier to manual, but are only suitable for smooth surfaces. They are much more expensive and they are worth buying if you have enough of a plot.
There are also lawn mowers, which are mini-tractors, that is, they carry the person who controls them. They are called riders and are used on a very large area.
Thus, the electric mowers are more environmentally friendly (no benzodiazapam), easy maintenance, low noise, but they are less powerful, and more dangerous from the point of view of working with electricity. Petrol lawn mowers are more powerful, have a large collector that does not depend on the power supply, but require regular maintenance, replacement of gasoline and oil, produce more noise and toxic emissions. Decide what the pros and cons for you to play a big role, and you will find your own version.

Advice 2 : Types of lawn mowers

A wide selection of lawn mowers can nonplus the beginner owner. In order to correctly decide which model you need, you need to understand how they differ and what advantages and disadvantages are.
Types of lawn mowers
All lawn mowers can be divided into several types, focusing either on the type of engine, or on the principle of operation of the blades. The first classification is more common and it has much more variations.

Mechanical model

Mechanical models have been invented the very first and, despite technical progress, is still popular. Their undoubted advantages – low cost, long life, ease and cost of maintenance, because they do not consume any fuel, no expensive electricity. This kind of lawn mower is ideal for those who care about the environment. Another undoubted advantage of such models is that they work silently.

Unfortunately, there are mechanical models and cons. The main is that mowing the grass, especially high and wet, requires considerable physical effort. Mechanical lawn mower is bulky and heavy. However, if you have a small well maintained flat plot of several acres and you are well developed physically, all these shortcomings become insignificant.

Lawn mower with petrol engine

Petrol lawn mowers are the most popular, however, they can cost more than all other types of mowers. Don't scrimp owners lawn makes the need for mobility, because this type of motor allows you to move a lawnmower over long distances. In addition, the capacity of these units allows them to process just in one pass about half the width of the pitch.

Otherwise, we have to admit that petrol lawn mowers are a bunch of disadvantages – they are noisy and moving for them you have to breathe exhaust fumes, gasoline engine, not easy, besides it requires periodic refueling and maintenance.

Another disadvantage of petrol lawn mowers can be manual starter – you should dramatically and powerfully pull the cord to start the gasoline engine, and it can be a problem for weak women and the elderly. The solution is electronic ignition key, but the models equipped with them are much more expensive.
Careless work with the starter petrol lawn mowers it may occasionally stall and re-start will become a serious problem for inexperienced users.

Electric models

An electric mower is easy to maintain, almost silent, but their major drawback is that ruled their territory is limited by the length of the cord leading to the socket. Many fear mowers with electric engine because of the possibility of electric shock and a well-founded fear, if your site is located in wet areas. That is why the instructions for these mowers there is a mandatory warning that you cannot mow after rain or watering.

With all these cons electric mowers are also characterized by a low power, although they, of course, is much more powerful than their mechanical counterparts, and require considerable physical effort when mowing. The width of the bevel in these units amounts to 50 centimeters.
Choosing an electric lawnmower, give preference to those with a blocker on the lock, it will not allow unit to turn on before you're ready to work.

Lawn mower batteries

Lawn mower with battery combines a number of advantages, inherent in other types of mowers. They are as maneuverable as equipped with a gasoline engine, while also not too demanding to care for, quiet and environmentally friendly as their mechanical and electric competitors. A big disadvantage of such models is that they you can treat a relatively small area, because after 20-30 minutes of work they require a long recharge.

Other types of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers also come in manual and is equipped with wheels, the latter are divided into push and self-propelled. Of course, that the mechanical models are not distinguished variety, meaning they can only be on wheels and shocks, but all other types will allow you to make a choice.

For example, some self-propelled mowers are perfect because have variable speed, which means you can customize them according to your movement speed. The disadvantage of such models is that they take up more space and weigh a lot. Lawn mowers with wheels, handlebars and seat, are equal to mini-tractors.

Also lawn mower can be cylindrical, rotary and swivel. The latter usually do not have wheels and they are good to mow areas near the house, fences, flower beds with a high curb. Cylindrical lawn mowers are suitable for a wide flat surfaces, giving a perfectly smooth lawn. Rotary model, is to buy those who have on the sites is growing tough grass, and the site is uneven, bumpy.

To lawn mowers can be fitted boxes for herbs. On the one hand they can keep you out of work with a rake, they will require periodic visits to the compost pit in order to remove their contents.
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