Features of the breed.

с какого возраста дрессировать хаски
How many people came to me to buy a dog, given the characteristics of this breed! The result of such a rash step is that the dog market is quite often sold already adult dogs – they just didn't fit their owners who bought them only for an attractive appearance.

Husky dog – serious, she gets along very well with cats and other breeds of small dogs, taking them for the object of hunting. Of course they will listen to the owner, the breed, representatives of which can take independent decisions. Best of all, when such dogs in the house a few, but if it is one you will have to pay her very much attention, since huskies don't like to be alone.

Have to pay how much for the husky

лайка отличается от хаски
The price of the puppy will depend on the working qualities of his parents. This means that the cost will be determined by the purposes for which you buy it. If you want to participate in a dog and, therefore, to participate in the breeding and selection work, the cost will be quite high, especially if you buy an adult dog with awards at international exhibitions. In this case, the cost will be about 100 or more, especially if it is imported from renowned manufacturers.
The only option to buy a purebred husky is the acquisition of an adult dog, which refused to the owners due to the specific features of its content.

Working dog, which is expected to harness a team and participate together with her in the race, will also cost thousands of dollars. Even if you just buy a dog as a pet, less than $ 600-1500 dog with a good pedigree, you do not buy. Of course, you can see in the Internet ad about puppies husky for 5 or 10 thousand, but you have to understand that grown all the rules of puppy cost so much just can't.
Buying a husky puppy at a low price is fraught with health problems and the presence of worms.

In the price includes the contents and the preparation of females to mating, their nutrition care during pregnancy, childbirth and nursing the puppies, their content, paperwork and vaccinations. If all this is to do it as it should be, the resources were considerable. In addition, when you think that the price of a few thousand dollars for a dog is too big, you should understand that the content of pedigree dogs will also be you can't afford. To raise a puppy to a healthy and physically fit dog, the relevant breed standards, it will be necessary to spend for its maintenance for a minimum of 2 thousand rubles a month.