Girls and women with the name Marina always know their value. Moreover, if the owner of that name, and a beautiful, self-esteem can be very high. Marina is a woman of great prudence, she is always well-considered and practical.
From early childhood Marina is the object of worship among their peers. In adolescence, the boys try to make friends with the owner of the name Marina constantly receive all sorts of attentions, go out with her.
With age, the Marina may become more attractive to members of the opposite sex, moreover, before her spell, they become completely defenseless.
For marriage Marina seeking man held, which could provide her a quiet life. Marina always requires maximum attention, gifts, compliments, flowers and admiration. So my husband will have his wife be given maximum attention.
Women with this beautiful name is still considered to be very bold. Moreover, their courage even men might envy. They often choose the profession of a doctor, hairdresser, nurse, actress, or engineer. Women with the name Marina good leaders.
Considered ideal relationship with Vladimir, Michael, Denis, Anton, Valentine, Rudolph, Vladislav. Marriage to such men is long and prosperous.
The most unfortunate is a combination of the name Marina with the following male names: Nicholas, George, Nicanor, Lev, Kirill, Boris, Anatoly, Eugene, Peter, Simon, Timothy, Konstantin, Stanislav, Andrew, Artem.
Very unhappily married to women named Marina to men, whose name is Leonid, Marat, Oleg. Marina, you must be careful in dealing with such men.
Active and energetic Marinas will fit men with the following names: Gleb, Egor, Makar. It is with such men she will feel on the same wavelength. Children from such a marriage will be happy and prosperous in the future.
The most fragile and shortest marriages from Marin to be men that have the following names: Nicholas, Jaroslav, Plato. This men prudent and generous with praise.
No matter how the name of the man, if he cheated on his wife with the name Marina, it will not forgive you, just pack up your things and leave without a second thought and reasoning. Leaving Marina from her husband and in that case, if it is not good enough to provide it or have a decent attention.