The special qualities of Helena

Elena from childhood is independence, it may seem a bit introverted kid. Elena very early learns to read, spends a lot of time reading books. She likes to socialize with other children, but she prefers to do it too often. From childhood she helps parents with the housework, but not the love of order and cleanliness, and just wanting to do something nice for loved ones.

Elena is a very successful student, but not too much time for textbooks, relying on his good memory and natural abilities. Elena has many friends, which is very interesting to communicate with her, because she understands very well how to please people.

The ability to get along with people allows Elena to succeed in occupations that are associated with active communication. Although often she can try yourself in a variety of professions before they find something "yours".

Elena rarely suffers from a lack of attention from men, almost always she has a wide selection of gentlemen. However, she often makes the wrong choice, which brings disappointment and negative emotions, so in the life of Helena frequent re-marriages. While holders of this name are most often loyal, faithful wives. Elena is very important to feel his need for a wife, without her feelings weakened.

What is the name?

Name Elena fit men's names with a strong, but gentle energy. For example, strong successful alliances develop between Elena and Andrew or Elena and Dmitry. In such marriages the couple quickly acquire the perfect balance, can agree on anything, rarely argue and have conflicts.

Great relations and Elena love Elena and Igor. Such unions lasted very long, as the couple have always supported each other in some way such marriages is closer to friendship than to passion, but always filled with warmth and tenderness.

Constantine or the male can become a good partner for Elena. In such relationships the partners is very important to learn to negotiate, not to clamp down on the emotions in themselves, then such a Union will be strong and happy.

Successful alliances almost never work between Elena and Vasily, Anatoly, Stepan and Ivan. These names are too hard and strong to soft and gentle Helena. In similar ways Elena feels miserable and dejected, hardly sees himself as a woman.