The name Victoria comes from the Latin and means "victory". For Victoria perfect these men's names, as lion, Vladimir, Simon, Michael, Sergey. She likes to attract the attention of men to the person and shock. Because of inflated requirements to the future spouse wick not long married. Family creation for her important and responsible step. Victoria did not fit the Grigori, Alexander, Yuri, Vitaly.
Victoria and Vladimir ponder things that are not so important in everyday life. Power, prosperity and glory for them sidelined. Most important of all the secrets of the universe, which Victoria and Vladimir are trying to uncover studying occult science, philosophy, and magic. Couples experiencing discomfort when they are required to make quick decisions. To any business Vick and Vladimir creatively. They are able to experience and sympathize. Such people are indispensable in medicine.
Couple Victoria and Michael combines vigour, hard work, tradition and dedication. Strong passion in such a relationship there. Family life goes steadily, but the relationship is not affected by the crises and not expended a lot of mental strength. Couple knows how to prioritize, manage your time and manage people. Victoria and Michael should engage in business activities in the fields of farming, construction and Finance.
Union Victoria and Leo multifaceted. Their relationship will never overshadow the monotony. Their feelings and thoughts United, aiming at the same goal. The pair will succeed in sociology, the esoteric, the social Sciences and psychology. Learn Victoria and Leo will be together, what unites them is the desire to travel.
Given the traditions, dedication, hard work and energy is present in a pair of Victoria Sergei. In such relationships is for the long recessions and crises, they do not take up much time. Victoria and Sergei are able to organize the work of others, allowing them to engage in agricultural activities and construction. They know how to plan your time and make quick decisions. In Finance, this pair can also succeed.
In a pair of Victoria and Simon present understanding. They genuinely trust each other, strive to achieve common goals. Diplomacy is the field of activity in which Victoria and Simon will succeed together. Compromise for them is not alien, so they rarely fight. House Wiki and the Seeds are always open to friends and anyone who just needs support.