Buy cognac in specialized stores or big supermarkets. The seller of the alcoholic beverages store can clue you in quality and price of beverages and choose brandy to meet your needs. For sure, you can ask for a quality certificate for the selected product.
Please note on the bottle. She should be branded with embossed pattern. The more interesting made the bottle, the better. Cognac in such containers are counterfeited less often than in the plain bottle. A name label must be affixed perfectly smoothly without shifts and bubbles. Cognac with a regular screw-on cap is unlikely to have a high quality and taste indicators. The tube must be made of cork or chips and tightly stick on the neck of the bottle.
Follow one or two tax stamps on the bottle - provincial and Federal. They should be on top of the label as glued to the last turn. On the label should be information about the age of cognac, the time of aging of cognac in oak barrels and place of production.
Rate part of cognac. It should not be rectified, ethyl, grain or "extra" alcohol and flavorings. The composition is good, albeit cheap cognac, should always login cognac alcohol. The drink itself should be transparent, uniform rich amber color and without muddy sediment. Remember that cheap cognac can be aged for over 5 years. About the time of exposure will tell the number of stars on the label of cognac. Typically, this is 3-5 years.
Flip the cognac bottle upside down and see how it behaves. If the bottom fell one viscous heavy straw - a cognac aged at least 3 years and selecting it, you will not be disappointed. And if the drink quickly stack on the edges of the bottle, put the brandy back on the shelf.
After the purchase, if the cognac was bought for personal consumption, you can check the quality again. Open the bottle and let the drink stand. Aroma of cognac should be fine and enjoyable. Notes present in it, depend on variety and exposure. Cognac should not smell like cheap alcohol and its surface should be smooth color, without light film. Pour into a balloon glass a small amount of drink, and slightly inclining and twisting, look like dripping into a glass of brandy. Quality cognac smooth flows of volume drops and does not remain on the glass in the form of a film.