Advice 1: Of brandy to give to the boss

Of course, to choose a good gift for any man is a difficult and troublesome thing. This activity can take considerable time, and ultimately you decide what you are going to buy. One of the options for men's gift is expensive and high-quality cognac.
Of brandy to give to the boss

The basic rules of selection of gift cognac

Yes, currently there is a very large choice of gift products that can embarrass any person who wants to find a suitable gift. But that did not happen, you must follow the basic rules. Remember, when you choose a gift of brandy to the man-the head, the price of brandy should correspond to the level and position.

The first thing you should pay attention to is, of course, on their financial capabilities and ability to bestow people. The thing is that if your head is wide enough financial resources, he probably only drinks expensive drinks made by real professionals. If you decide to purchase a cheap version of brandy your a trick to quickly calculate the.

In the world there are many manufacturers of this drink. According to the ranking of the most expensive collectible cognacs, the cost of the most expensive is $ 2 million per bottle. This drink is called "Henry IV", and its feature is that to cook it can only be the descendants of this great king.

However, too expensive cognac as a gift would be a luxury, therefore it is better to see the ranking of the best, but the more budget brands of this drink.

Brand the best of brandy

In the first place in the ranking is "Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac". He has a rather soft taste and fruity bouquet of aromas.

In second place is "Trijol VSOP". A rich bouquet of flavors of this drink gives light fruit notes. In addition, cognac is distinguished by its elegance and a lovely, delicate structure.

Closes the three leaders of "Frapin Chateau Fontpinot XO". This cognac has light Golden color, and its flavor includes notes of caramel, vanilla, exotic fruits, lilies, acacia, hawthorn and some other mountain flowers.

In this rating includes "Cognac Tesseron53", "H by Hine", "Fundador", "Courvoisier VSOP", "Hennessy XO", "Ragnaud-Sabourin Alliance No. 10 VSOP" and "Taste the defference cognac XO".

If you want to give your supervisor a delicious, high quality drink, you can also choose Armenian cognac, for example, "Samkon".

Making a gift of brandy

Cognac for men-the head needs to be framed in a nice package. It is best that the drink was initially made in the original packaging, for example in the form of unusual wooden barrels. Brandy will definitely be a wonderful gift even for the person who rarely consumes alcoholic beverages. Stylish, bright bottle will allow you to truly appreciate your attention, because it will affect the emotional state.

Advice 2: How to choose a good cognac

Cognac is one of the most delicious alcoholic beverages, which can be called the divine drink. Often you wonder, "How to choose a good cognac". In our time in the shops very often, instead of good cognac for sell fake. If you decide to purchase a really good cognac, you can use some recommendations.
Choose only high quality beverages.
To choose cognac only famous liquor stores with a good reputation, in any case, do not buy the kiosks and mini stores. This way you will protect yourself from counterfeiting. Demand from the administrator a certificate of quality for these products.
On the bottle must be excise. Preferably two – regional and Federal. Then it is safe to say that in front of you is not fake.
Good aged cognac should be closed with a wooden plug, or plug of wood chips.
Also about quality drink can be judged by the packaging. If brandy sealed in a gift box or a special tube – it indicates a good quality of brandy. In no case do not buy the cognac if labels are on uneven or non-existent – it is obvious that it is a fake. The label should be glued perfectly.
The quality of the brandy can be determined by turning the bottle upside down. If cognac is easy stack bottle, then the brandy is not aged and is of poor quality. If from the bottom one fell a heavy drop – this suggests that a good cognac.
When buying cognac, pay attention to its price. Good cognac cannot be cheap. The price of a normal cognac begins from 800 roubles and above, dependent on age and manufacturer. Choosing domestic brandy, better choose Dagestan. A very good cognac is the brandy made from French cognac spirit. So before buying, carefully read the label.
Pay attention to the aging cognac. The more stars, the more exposure time, and correspondingly higher price and quality.
Pour the brandy into a special glass Tulip-shaped. Rotating the glass around its axis, pay attention to how to drain the brandy in the walls. If the pins are smooth and flow smoothly with the droplets – in front of you a good cognac.
Check the transparency. Pouring a glass of brandy, touch your finger to the glass, make an imprint and look from the other side of the glass. If you see the fingerprint, then you are brandy of good quality. You can start tasting.
Useful advice
Once you opened a bottle, you need to let the cognac breathe at least one hour, then you will notice how different taste and aroma. Cognac should be drunk a little warm, warmed in the palms. Drink cognac from special glasses in small SIPS, do not gulp.

Advice 3: Some cognac to give a man head

Traditionally a good gift for the man-head in the festival is the cognac. But the choice of drinks should be approached carefully, so as not to spoil the impression of the gift.
Some cognac to give a man head

What to look for when choosing cognac

To start I would like to note that on the market of alcoholic beverages a huge variety of counterfeits, which are at first glance difficult to see. But the connoisseur will feel fake drink, and you will put yourself in an awkward situation. Therefore, choosing alcoholic beverages, try to avoid questionable stores.

Many believe that the more expensive the cognac, the better, but in fact it is not. There are so many cheap brandies, which are famous for great taste.
The most expensive cognac in the world - Henri IV, Cognac Grande Champagne. The price for a bottle of about two million dollars. Cognac has hundreds of years of exposure, sold in bottles decorated with diamonds and gold.

For example, a well-known firm offers of Metaxa brandy of excellent quality and in any price range. Also a great drinks offer Сourvoisier, Camus and Blades. Many connoisseurs say Armenian cognacs, for example, Samkon, which can also be used as a gift.

Male heads most often versed in brandy production, but it happens and Vice versa. If you know for sure that your head belongs to the second type of heads, choose an inexpensive brandy, as if you buy a very expensive collector's bottle a reputable brand – not the fact that the chief will appreciate this gift. Rely only on taste, then you won't have to waste money and to please his superiors.

What else do you need for a good gift

Any gift would be nicer if it is properly Packed. Gift packaging is an essential attribute of any gift, and especially brandy for the bosses. Take the packaging and bottle selection very seriously, as we know, meet on clothes.

Many people know that opposers of brandy often re-given a gift, and your bottle can be remembered solely in appearance. If a holiday General February 23, New year and such – most likely, when you come to choose the cognac in the store, he will be in a gift box or offer it to pack right in front of you.

It is also worth thinking about related products. If your boss smokes, a set of good cigars would be a great addition to cognac. Cognac glasses suitable as gifts for non-Smoking men.
Traditionally the brandy presented with a tile quality dark chocolate.

You can even give chocolates and fruit and other snacks – but that's only if you plan together with the command to drink that bottle.

The basic rules of good gift

To summarize everything said above, get a small set of rules for the choice of cognac:

cognac must be of good quality, bought in the checked location;

good brandy – not necessarily expensive;

- if the boss is well versed in brandy production – brandy have to be expensive, if it's bad, cheap and tasty;

an important attribute of a gift – packaging;

- don't forget about related products.

Advice 4: Brandy the best

With today's huge range of alcoholic drinks in shops to make a choice quite hard. So, for example, as a good cognac is determined by several factors.
Brandy the best

What is cognac

Frequent arguments about what cognac is really real and what is not, are conducted since, as a direct production of the drink has gone beyond his homeland – France. For example, the French consider horse a drink produced exclusively in the provinces of petite champagne and Grande champagne. In this case the permitted production of certain grape varieties. Is prepared in these provinces of France strictly following the prescribed technology. Other drinks, according to the French, should be called "brandy".

It is worth noting that on the territory of the former USSR there is another trade agreement. It says that brandy that meets the requirements of our standards can be called cognac.

Without a doubt, the best cognacs remain produced in France. Here you can choose a good quality drink is very simple. Enough to trust one of the famous cognac houses of this country – Davidoff, Courvoisier, Camus, Remy Martin, Martell, Hennessy. A matter of taste – the choice of a certain brand of cognac.

Another question is how to determine the best quality drink if we are talking about Moldavian, Russian, Azeri, or Armenian cognac.

A rating of cognac

Rating of brandy traditionally are specialists. It's about 500 people who are professionally engaged in the testing of alcoholic beverages in the last three years. Experts taste the high-quality brands of skate with the sole purpose to rank the drinks, and to determine the best. In such testing involved more than 200 drinks. It should be noted that it is not easy to perform, and the opinion of professionals is highly subjective.

Often wins the oldest cognac, and not one that is the best. However, experts who are admitted to the rankings, are the true worshipers and connoisseurs of the drink. Many of them the opportunity to choose the best Russian or French cognac inherited.

Many interesting to know what is the best Russian brandy. In this case, a separate rating of this alcoholic beverage. It also passes the test skate. According to their results and rating. Based on this choice of drink is assigned a certain number of stars. Best skates have five stars. From this comes the cost of the brand of beverage.

What is the best brandy, to every man for himself to decide. Only in this case, you can't go wrong with the choice.
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