To distinguish the real from the fake brandy, pay attention primarily on the price of the drink. A good cognac will never be inexpensive. "Aged cognac" at a low price is the first reason to doubt its quality.
Read the label. First of all, look at her appearance. The label should be carefully, symmetrically glued on the bottle. Swipe it with your fingers (on touch brand label is reminiscent of a money bill). Now read the content label, which should include information on the duration of exposure, brand, manufacturer etc.
Slowly turn the bottle upside down and note how the drain the drink. If the glass visible traces of flowing liquid on it or from the bottom of the bottle drops a thick drop - so, the brandy of sufficient quality. The longer drains the cognac, the older it is.
Note the air bubbles that will crawl up as soon as you turn the bottle with brandy. If at first appear larger and then smaller bubbles, you can not doubt the quality of the drink.
Pour a little brandy into the glass and twist it, so that the liquid is evenly spread on the walls. Then remove excess moisture by shaking the glass, and bring it to his nose. Real brandy includes a surprising variety of odors. Inhaling vapors, you will feel the subtle transitions of successive flavors. The older the cognac, the richer their combination.
Pour the brandy into the glass ("Tulip") and touch your finger to the vessel wall (outer side) is slightly below the level of the drink. Then look at the print through a full glass. If you see a clear footprint, that means your glass of real cognac without impurities.