You will need
    • 2.5 liters of alcohol
    • 5 tablespoons of oak bark
    • 2 h tablespoons burnt sugar
    • 0.5 h spoon of nutmeg powder
    • 3 PCs. cloves
    • vanilla to taste
Pour the alcohol into a glass jar. The best fit oak barrel, but to buy it very difficult. If you have a small wooden barrel from other species of wood that has no odors, use it.
Add all the ingredients in alcohol and stir with a wooden spoon or spatula. If you don't like the flavor one of the products which serve to flavor the ridge, just exclude it from the recipe. Be sure to heat the sugar in a metal container to brown, because it gives the drink a special flavor.
Put infuse in a cool and dark place at least 1 month. Last longer than cognac, the richer will be the taste of the drink. Better leave it for 2-3 years, but this is almost impossible, so after your patience strain the drink and start tasting.