Advice 1: What is the shelf life of cognac

Cognac is one of the most popular and refined spirits. In a good home bar is practically always kept a bottle of expensive cognac on the occasion or gala event. Be aware that cognac is extremely sensitive to storage conditions that must be followed in order not to spoil its delicate flavor.
What is the shelf life of cognac

Ideal storage conditions

Brandy is a wonderful, delicious and aromatic drink. In small amounts it is useful for the body. Good cognac is expensive, but the costs are usually worth it.

Conditions and place of storage of strong drink can greatly affect its taste. Ideal storage is considered to be a barrel made of oak wood special kind, it is in these barrels, the drink is aged years, which allows him to acquire the exceptional taste and aroma. It is believed that in the right oak barrels for the brandy can be stored for years, if not decades, while its taste will only improve. It is worth considering that in this case, correct the temperature readings, so the barrels of this beverage is best kept in a specially equipped cellar.

If you do not have the ability to store cognac in specialized barrels, it can be very long stored in the bottle. However, in bottle brandy will not purchase additional aroma and taste, but you won't lose them. Under certain rules, the shelf life of cognac in a glass bottle can be almost endless.

How to store cognac home

Unlike wine, cognac should be stored only in a standing position, otherwise the drink may acquire an unpleasant smell of the tube. Below the tube is not dry, you need to fill the bottle with wax. Longest brandy will be stored at the temperature from +5 to +15 degrees in a dark place. It is very important to protect the beverage from any light and especially sunlight. To protect the beverage from the negative impact of light, you can wrap a bottle of it in opaque fabric. Under these rules brandy can without any loss of taste kept for many years. It is not necessary to put the cognac in the refrigerator, too low temperatures destroy the structure of the drink and irreversibly affect its taste properties.

An open bottle of cognac you need to "drink" for 2-3 months and all the time to store it away from sunlight and excessively high or low temperature. Of course, the drink can be consumed and then, but usually after a longer period, all the aromatic and taste properties of brandy just disappear. You can extend the "life" of the drink, the overflow of it into a smaller airtight glass container with secure lid (preferably so she was sealed), in a similar vessel cognac can be stored for a very long time.

Advice 2: Brandy the best

With today's huge range of alcoholic drinks in shops to make a choice quite hard. So, for example, as a good cognac is determined by several factors.
Brandy the best

What is cognac

Frequent arguments about what cognac is really real and what is not, are conducted since, as a direct production of the drink has gone beyond his homeland – France. For example, the French consider horse a drink produced exclusively in the provinces of petite champagne and Grande champagne. In this case the permitted production of certain grape varieties. Is prepared in these provinces of France strictly following the prescribed technology. Other drinks, according to the French, should be called "brandy".

It is worth noting that on the territory of the former USSR there is another trade agreement. It says that brandy that meets the requirements of our standards can be called cognac.

Without a doubt, the best cognacs remain produced in France. Here you can choose a good quality drink is very simple. Enough to trust one of the famous cognac houses of this country – Davidoff, Courvoisier, Camus, Remy Martin, Martell, Hennessy. A matter of taste – the choice of a certain brand of cognac.

Another question is how to determine the best quality drink if we are talking about Moldavian, Russian, Azeri, or Armenian cognac.

A rating of cognac

Rating of brandy traditionally are specialists. It's about 500 people who are professionally engaged in the testing of alcoholic beverages in the last three years. Experts taste the high-quality brands of skate with the sole purpose to rank the drinks, and to determine the best. In such testing involved more than 200 drinks. It should be noted that it is not easy to perform, and the opinion of professionals is highly subjective.

Often wins the oldest cognac, and not one that is the best. However, experts who are admitted to the rankings, are the true worshipers and connoisseurs of the drink. Many of them the opportunity to choose the best Russian or French cognac inherited.

Many interesting to know what is the best Russian brandy. In this case, a separate rating of this alcoholic beverage. It also passes the test skate. According to their results and rating. Based on this choice of drink is assigned a certain number of stars. Best skates have five stars. From this comes the cost of the brand of beverage.

What is the best brandy, to every man for himself to decide. Only in this case, you can't go wrong with the choice.
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