Have you ever wondered why younger students often look like little old men and Teens dress like a hippie? First put the parents to your liking. And in the transition to adulthood begins to take shape teenage style, tending to freedom. Teenager dress is not easy, because he's not a child but not yet an adult.
Notice to parents. Do not try to figure out how to dress fashionably teenager – even if he personally chooses his own clothes. The desire to turn the child into your copy usually leads to conflicts between parents and children or to the cultivation of complexes of a teenager. As strange as the look mom or look teenage style, you need to give the teenager the opportunity to be realized in an expert clothing. And yet – even expensive and fashionable things do not appeal to a teenager if they are not in his company. In adolescence, children tend not to stand out from the crowd, to be surrounded by, to be subjected to ridicule and bullying.
However, many adolescents seek to determine how to dress fashionably in a school. Mostly a matter of style care about girls. To look attractive and fit into the environment, you need to know a few nuances.
If the school have a dress code, follow it. However, often the administration of the school does not require sewing a single form, encouraging students to dress in the same style. A win-win option for both girls and boys is a classic. Straight pants can be a stylish refresh with a belt. To plain shirt was not boring, is to choose not banal white, and neutral grey, pale green, lemon or pink. By the way, even a white blouse will look elegant, if it is a monochrome volumetric pattern. Such things are perfectly combined with trendy short jackets and narrow skirts. If a teenage girl this ensemble seem boring, instead of a skirt is better to wear classic shorts length mid thigh and decorate them with suspenders.
How to dress fashionably teenager in everyday life, depends on his tastes and Hobbies. Sports style suits active and sociable teenagers. But much more interesting to mix styles, creating your own unique image. So adorable Teens jeans can be worn not only with sneakers and t-shirts, but also with classic pumps, corsets and men's jackets. Boys may combine with simple skinny solid shirts, ties and colored loafers. Girls should remember at any relevant time, the air skirts, long tunics and fitted feminine dresses. A great opportunity to make an original style naughty teen is wearing unusual hats.