If you are 13 and you certainly want to look older, try first of all to preserve the naturalness. Avoid saturated and bright makeup. Oddly enough, a passion for cosmetics are more likely to experience a young girl and the older girl already treat it more calmly. It should be borne in mind that the excess of makeup on another child's face can not so much to do visually over how much to give a person absurd and ridiculous. This immediately gives girls the desire to appear older, while internally it still can't match this.
If you want to use cosmetic products it is better to consult with your mom or big sister that they taught to correctly apply a light natural makeup. You should not use the creams and powder young skin looks great without them, in addition, such products can clog the pores and in the end you'll actually look older ,but due to the tired skin.
A good option is to engage in any sport or simply perform regular exercise. - Developed body and high muscle tone do older visually in the best sense of the word. This applies to both girls and boys. The latter can literally be transformed through sport, however, it is not necessary at an early age to get involved with weight lifting and fanatically to build muscle, because it can negatively affect the developing human organism and slow growth. Gymnastics, yoga, dancing will help the girl feel more graceful and confident.
Some makes visually over dark hair. It is certainly not an occasion from his youth to spoil my hair with chemical colors, but if you want you can paint it with a mixture of henna and Basma, picking them in the correct proportions. These natural dyes are on your hair more soft and even accelerate the growth, but the hair needs more moisture.
Girls can do yourself hairstyles instead of the usual tails. It can be complicated braids, buns. Model haircut, made a competent hairdresser will also help you to look more stylish.
Look older it is possible if often to wear instead of jeans and t-shirts garment in a classic style shirts, blouses, skirts, modest dresses, trousers, coats. The high heels girls wear is not required.
In fact, young in appearance there is nothing wrong. And if teenagers want to speed up the time to grow up and soon become independent, adults, conversely, often want to look younger. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate its youthful appearance, and grow you will always have time. And to keep youth and beauty for years to come, you should not start Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, imitating friends and thinking thus it is possible to seem older.