The July girls are very easy to outside influence, any confident person can greatly affect their Outlook. In addition, these girls are very persistent and active in achieving their goals, unless of course, they realize their importance, and with that people born in July can be difficult. Unfortunately, the July children are often unable to prioritize, it is difficult to focus on one issue, it is difficult to make a choice from several more or less equivalent options, and we can talk about insignificant things. This often hinders them in life.
It is from girls born in July grow up to be wonderful wives and mothers. Is important to them family and home. Very often family life (caring for home, children, husband) becomes for them the meaning of life. The extreme vulnerability and emotion of the July girls are forced to look for them in the family circle support, protection and comfort, a house for them - a place where you can hide from a harsh and unjust world. That is why in their homes often has a unique warm atmosphere.
At the July children as they grow up often have serious problems with my career. Sometimes they may overlook good options because of their doubt and insecurity. Such people are difficult to create change, they almost always cause them stress and pain, even if everything in life is changing for the better.
To make the life of a girl, born in July, a little easier, you need some way to give it rigidity, self-confidence, structure. The easiest way to do this using a name. However, it should not be totally disharmonious with soft nature girl, otherwise she may just not accept.
Most suitable for energy names for girls born in July are Sophie, Antonina, Maria, Daria, Arina, Valery, Inna, Mary, Helen, Margaret, Olga and Anastasia. These names add to its owners confidence and courage to help make choices easier and faster decisions. It is advisable not to use the diminutive forms of these names, because they do not have such a "collecting" effect.
The July girls are not suitable for the following names: Catherine, Anna, Veronica and Alevtina. They are too hard and do not harmonize with the soft, unobtrusive power inherent in people born in July.