The lure usually includes three groups of products, which will replace the child breast milk or are adapted formula. These products are cereals, meat, fish, and fruit and vegetable purees. Usually pediatricians suggest to start lure baby only reaching six months of age, however in certain circumstances you can start to introduce solid foods already in 3.5 months.
Do not forget that every child requires an individual approach because of the peculiarities of his body. First foods should be mashed, cooked vegetables. Fruit puree is also suitable for the nutrition of your baby, but it is better to enter only after getting the child accustomed to vegetables. The fact that after the sweet fruit, the child may begin to refuse fresh food that contains a lot of useful minerals and vitamins.
The first step is to enter as foods odnomomentnoe puree made from zucchini or other vegetable, which is less likely to cause allergies. In addition, in 3.5 months you can give baby Apple sauce made from yellow-green sour fruits. Fruit juices can also be included in the diet of your child. Please note that it is best to use juices that you make at home, from adding to drink sugar must be abandoned. At 3.5 months your baby can drink pear, Apple or pumpkin juice.
If your baby suffers from shortage of weight, the pediatrician may suggest that you introduce solid foods buckwheat, rice or corn porridge, as they do not contain gluten. Eating cereal should be gradually increasing. Start with one teaspoon daily, increasing the dose. Please note that you will in any case should not overfeed your baby, because it would reflect badly on his body. Overfeeding is threatened by obesity, decreased metabolism and slower digestion. At 3.5 months the baby should eat about one-sixth of the total weight of your body for the day.
Before the introduction of complementary feeding you need to remember most importantly: you can give your child a new product only if the child is healthy and feels good. To abandon the foods you need while traveling, acclimatization in hot weather and after immunization.