Advice 1: How to invite a friend for coffee

Unspoken rules dictate that the initiative in the relationship should come from men. This also applies to serious issues such as a proposal of marriage, and more casual, for example, a Cup of coffee. Now only men today is not proactive and often are hesitant to make the first move.
How to invite a friend for coffee
Often such a situation when your friend, whom you sympathize, do not make a single step closer. In this case, you will have to take the initiative in their own hands. The easiest way to find the object of your attention better – to invite him for a Cup of coffee. But it must be done as unobtrusive as possible, you do not know the reasons for which he refuses attention.

Coffee thanks

The most popular and effective method is to invite a friend for coffee in gratitude for any service. But this method is only suitable in those cases, if you communicate regularly.

Think of any kind of problem solve just your friend. Ask him to help you with your job (if your target is a colleague) to see the lock on the front door or by car (if you have one) to rid your computer of viruses or to install new software.

If your friend little initiative, you will have to ask, because without help you won't do it. Well, thanks boldly (even aggressively) invite him for a Cup of coffee, even in the nearest cafe, not to your home. What happens next depends on you and your enterprise.

A date for fun

This method is very like the writers and Directors of romantic movies. But in real life he is quite able to help.

Ask your friend to go with you to the cafe for a meeting with classmates or business associates to play the role of your boyfriend. If his character has a share of adventure, he will agree to help you. And playing sense, they are easy to transfer into reality.

Even if no such meetings have not been assigned, you can always ask friends or relatives with whom your "object" does not know about help. And you can not ask for, and pretend that you called to cancel the appointment, and since you are in a cafe, a Cup of coffee not a sin to drink.

Directly to invite for coffee

This method is the most sincere and the most effective. Just go to your friend and invite him in for coffee. If they are well educated, not be able to refuse, and you will make a lasting impression with its sincerity.

These are just three ways to invite a male friend for coffee. In fact, the ingenuity of women knows no bounds. But, regardless of the outcome of the meeting, to appoint the second can only be male. Otherwise you may find rude and Intrusive.

Advice 2 : How to ask a guy out on a date

In the days of our grandmothers, the girls waited for the guy himself will take the initiative and offer to meet. You can, of course, to follow the traditions, but because waiting is so boring! What if to ask a guy out? Here are some tips that will be useful depending on the situation.
How to ask a guy out on a date
You will need
  • In any situation you need to have fresh makeup, manicured hands, tidy hair (of course hair needs to be clean!) and stylish outfit. First and foremost you have to like yourself.
Be brave.

If you see a guy you hadn't seen before (say, in a cafe, the Museum or even at the bus stop), you need to first decide is it worth it to invite him on a date. Come to him and make with him a short conversation about anything - about his chosen dish (a coffee shop, about the artist whose paintings hang in front of you (in the Museum), the weather (at the bus stop). After 10-15 minutes of conversation you'll know whether you want to go out with this guy for a date. If the inner voice tells you that this is a decent option, be Frank and ask directly if he wants to go with you to a cafe for another show, or just a walk in the Park. Whatever you answered, stay cheerful and relaxed. Girls with despair in the eyes, not attract men. If the guy is nice your company, he will agree. And no court no, and anyway, look over there, another nice guy, maybe we should approach him?
Be refined.

If you have a crush on a guy who attends with you, for example, yoga courses, you have the advantage of daily demonstrations of their merits. Always put classes in a beautiful bright clothes, and watch the impeccable hairstyles and makeup. During the break, make him feel at home talking about your lessons (or work, if you colleagues). Smile at him, try to make him laugh, sharing, laughter - a great start flirting. During a conversation, casually touch his arm. If he caught the hint, then the next time I see you, most likely, will exchange phone numbers. Well, if you can't wait, invite him to drink a Cup of juice bar in your fitness club or in a café nearby. So you can, not adjusting event, to determine whether or not it "your" object.
Be honest.

If he already likes you and you wanted more than just to be friends, just tell him. Ask him to sit down and just tell me what you feel about him. Guy this recognition may be slightly dumbfound, especially if until now he had no reason to notice your sympathies. If he feels the same way about you, you will inevitably agree on the date. If not (or if he looks a little shocked by this news), tell him what you shared with him my feelings, because I trust him, and that one does not expect the same in return. Explain that your friendship is very important to you and you want to keep it. Be sincere saying it.
Be mysterious.

This method is good for the club or any other place where a lot of people. Rapidly walk past him and "accidentally" touch his shoulder. Then turn around to him with a big smile and apologize. Most likely, he will smile in response. When he does, smile again and walk away. Communicating with friends, try to be in his field of vision. Sipping his drink, occasionally catch his eye and smile at him. If he didn't take your signals, we will invite you to dance. Dancing with him, you will be able to take another step on the path to convergence, after all, to talk on a loud dance floor, you need to speak to the partner's ear.
Be adventurous.

In the bar ask the waiter what drink that the young man, and went to his table, the same drink along with a note. If it happens in a café, send him a gift in the form of something sweet, for example cupcake, accompanied by a present with a napkin with your name and phone number. You can also ask him to keep you company.

Any guy would be such a pleasant sign of attention, and if he did not react, he's probably just boring. However, if you think he's just shy, walk up to him and start a conversation.
Useful advice
And remember, whatever you do, whatever the advice may should stay by itself.

Advice 3 : How to ask a guy to a meeting

Even in recent times, for women were considered inappropriate and even shameful to take the initiative when communicating with the opposite sex. Now times have changed, and so changed the manners. Is it worth to wait for the guy who like, will invite you to a meeting? Or it may be better to discard the doubts and complexes and to invite him somewhere. Of course, failure can wait for any girl, but it may happen so that the guy would agree to meet.
Modern girls are not shy to be the first to ask a guy to a meeting
Be prepared for the fact that you can refuse.
If a girl a very long time watching the object of his sympathies and carries within himself hopes and dreams, it will be very difficult to accept the denial of a loved one. She may fall into melancholy and depression. The optimal way out - to take everything as some kind of game. For example, imagine that you run the job on a dare, so it's easier to relax and be natural. Failure should not be taken as a personal tragedy. We all have different tastes, so the refusal of a person is not a humiliation for you, but only a sign that he has other tastes and interests. Very ugly if after the guy rejected you, you will become to make fun of him or humiliate him. To suffer defeat, should be able with dignity.
Invite to the meeting only yourself.
It is not necessary to ask the girlfriend that it away from your face called the guy, who you care about, for a date. It looks childish and adorns you in the eyes of your chosen one. This situation may initially cause a failure even if you like the young man. You have to have the courage to approach the guy yourself.
Take a convenient moment.
To invite to a meeting is better one on one. It is not necessary to approach the guy, if he is surrounded by friends. His reaction to the invitation can be feigned, for example, he may be embarrassed or want failure to stand out before friends of his "popularity." It is better to offer to meet with you privately, then nobody will prevent you to speak frankly.
Don't make plans.
Do not torture yourself with unnecessary anxiety and do not make a plan of the conversation. You will see that your plan is still not implemented as conceived words will fly out of my head. Just set out the basic idea you want to convey to the chosen one.
Be natural.
Inviting a guy to meet, don't act like you unusual. Naturalness is a great quality in a man, which always attracts people. A sincere smile while talking can charm a guy, even if he first saw you. Remember that you are an attractive girl and be confident in the attractiveness. When a person loves himself, he subconsciously makes others positively to myself.

Advice 4 : How to invite a guy to her house

You Dating a guy for several months, but never had the courage to invite him home? Something inside opposes and interferes with the natural course of events. And the guy from time to time suggests that it is not against to see you live. How to invite a guy to yourself in the guests?
How to invite a guy to her house
Think about what prevents you to invite a guy home? Sometimes the reason can be various fears. Many girls are embarrassed of the situation at home, parents. Or do you think that inviting a guy home, you are referring to sex?Do not worry because of the situation. Especially if the apartment you live in, belongs to the parents or removable. You don't want the kid fell in love with the house and the condition? Young man, first and foremost, appreciates you as a person. But if in the apartment something is not right, maybe the guy will be able to show their masculine abilities and something to fix or correct.It often happens that the young man wants to look more wealthy. Consider how long you will be able to support the "inflated" look? Sooner or later the guy is gonna find out anyway.Don't worry parents, because they did not choose. Your or his parents are what they are. Find something you can be proud of for the family. Be thankful mom and dad because they brought you into the light. Invitation to guests does not mean that it is necessary to have sex. Everything is just according to your desire. Good manners and friendly relationships include inviting each other for a Cup of tea or coffee, lunch, conversation. There is nothing wrong.
Prepare for the arrival of a young man in advance. Clean the apartment or his room, wipe the dust, wash the floor. You don't want to shock the guy? Buy something delicious for tea. A hearty lunch is good, but not necessarily. After all, the young man not eating, and guests. Good to cook something yourself, it's a way to show culinary skills and prove yourself as the lady of the house. Consider what you will do. As you know, a pause in the words replaces kiss. But if the plans are this evening, sex is not included, it is better to invite the guy to play along in your favorite Board game, watch a movie, chat. Show guy's favorite things, interesting books, photo album. And then embark on a walk with the dog. If you know for a long time, do not hesitate to go with a young man in the store if required. In General, live a normal life and integrate back guy.
Inviting a man home, you will become closer with him. If this is your man, he will appreciate this gesture, and then the relationship will reach a new level. Because it means intimacy, trust, openness. If the guy passed this stage and something will scare him, that means he's not ready for a relationship with you. Do not worry if the young man flat more important than you. You're not looking for a gigolo?
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