You will need
  • - determination, self-confidence and good mood.
To start, make sure that you really want to invite the man to his guests and this date will bring you joy.
In advance choose the right moment for conversation. This is necessary in order to you no one interfered. Approach the man and start a conversation. Make sure that next to no outsiders and witnesses of your conversation.
When you invite a man to guests, try to speak calmly and firmly. Don't worry. Remember that you have to offer to the man only to spend the evening, and don't ask him to marry you. So you have nothing to worry about.
Don't forget to smile and joke during a conversation. A smile will help you generate a positive response from your interlocutor.
Not confess that you have been looking for meetings with this man and wanted to be alone with him. Such pressure you can scare a man. Then he will find any reason to refuse your proposition.
Do not rush things. Be prepared to hear a negative response. Men may have their own plans for the evening. Therefore, to invite guests , you need two or three days prior to the meeting. During this time, he can do all his work and fun to spend time with you.
Think in advance of spare time and number for Dating if young people are employed. Give him to determine the day when it will be convenient to bring in guests.
Be confident and don't be afraid. Learn a few jokes or anecdotes, so as not to be boring at the meeting.
If you are ashamed to invite the man to guests in person, then call him on the phone. Practice in advance what you want to say. To do this, you can even write a little hint. It will give you confidence when speaking.
Write a message or invite a young person to guests during correspondence in the social network. This is the easiest way.