The meeting time will notify their friends a few days before admission. Shortly before the event to confirm the invitation. If plans change,we will notify in advance, delicately stating the reason for change.
Notify all invitees of those who will come to visit you. Not taken in an old, established company to lead new acquaintances. The exception would be the situation if everyone is happy with the option of meeting with a new face (sometimes his performance can be a purpose of the meeting).
Plan the format of your communication. This can be a family celebration, a holiday "on the calendar, dinner (day) dinner (evening) or a simple meal - coffee or tea (invitation to sandwiches, sweets). An increasingly popular custom becomes a gathering of friends for some favorites dish pies, pancakes, pasties or your special signature culinary creation.
Take care of the comfort of "living space", which will be provided at the time of the meeting in your home. Ideally should be not only at the dinner table. Think about where and how to accommodate guests, if you want to relax, to talk, to dance.
Discuss with your pet the details of the processing facilities, including light. Not always be appropriate blinding light of the main fixtures – make sure in advance about extra, giving a subdued, unobtrusive lighting.
Try to the beginning of the meeting to complete all the preparations: it is not customary to welcome guests in the hustle and bustle of unfinished business, in home clothes. If the owner can not be the first to greet them need to meet the husband or with a close family friend. Educated guests will not be late more than 5-10 minutes. Ten minutes from the appointed hour we invite everyone to the table. Not find out the reason for the delay late guest.
To the best of my ability make sure that table talk was pleasant for everyone. Try to neutralize someone's unintentional faux pas or misstep in communication. Unwanted twists in themes change joke, positive remarks. Let your kindness be multifaceted.