The climate in Moscow is not as severe as in more Northern and Eastern regions of Russia, but to gardeners, it is desirable to choose varieties plum varieties - adapted, winter-hardy and hardy even. The last factor is the most important because even if the plum will grow well and bear fruit abundantly, there is always the danger that the cold winter it will just freeze.

Hungarian giant

One of such varieties that are suitable for the suburbs – the Hungarian giant. This plum variety has high winter hardiness and for the suburbs is ideal. The fruits begin to ripen in early September, fruiting tree for about a month. Harvest more than the average one tree can collect up to 70 kg of fruit. Plums are oval-elongated, dark purple with glaucous-bluish waxy bloom. Fruit weight of about 35 grams. The flesh is dense, not watery, but juicy, yellow with a greenish tint. The taste is sweet, honey, very strong plum aroma. Pit is easily separated from the pulp.


Second grade, which can be successfully grown in the suburbs is the sort of Voloshka. This large-fruited variety, plums grow with a mass of 70 grams. With one tree you can get up to 50 kg such large fruit. The variety is winter hardy. Ripening begins in mid September and lasts until mid October. With this variety there is a small problem – its yield is irregular. One year drain can give a weak crop, and the next will be all paved with giant plums. If you have a plot other plum trees can be planted and Voloshka, for range. Tree medium, crown broad, strongly thickened. Therefore it needs regular pruning. The skin of the fruit is dark blue, in some places, covered with greenish-purple spots and brown spots. The pulp is yellow-greenish, crisp, very juicy, pleasant sour-sweet taste. The bone is easily separated.

Award Neman

The early maturing variety of plum that is suitable for the suburbs – the Award of the Neman. Ripens its fruit in late August. This variety has an average fruit weight of 45 g. the Tree is very fruitful – it is possible to collect more than 70 kg of fruit. The average size and the average fanout of the crown give the opportunity to plant it even in small areas. Fruits globose, dark blue with a light blue tinge, densely cover the branches. The pulp is very beautiful apricot-orange colour, dense, juicy, flavorful. The bone is quite small and is easily separated.