Find a partner. Instead of meeting friends in a cafe with nutritious food and drinks, meet them at the gym or in a dance class. So it will be harder to avoid training, besides so much more interesting.
Create favorable conditions for training. Buy beautiful and comfortable clothes to practice. Create a playlist with your favorite music. Enjoy audiobooks? Listen to them while Jogging. The realization that you spend your time will motivate you.
Set goals. Some people might be motivated by vague goals such as health or weight control. But if it's not for you, set more specific goals, for example, the splits. I bet with someone – motivation will be doubled.
Use fear as a motivator. Imagine what will happen to you and your health in the future. Can exercise fix a painting?
Reward yourself immediately after a workout. Just let it be something useful and not contrary to your goals.
Find what you like. No need to torture yourself and get them to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. The benefits of this will not be enough. Look for the lesson, hope you enjoy: yoga, climbing wall, and maybe Boxing?
Put records. Competition with yourself is a very good motivation. In addition, it will raise your self-esteem.