Advice 1: What is a strong personality

The concept of "strong personality" is generally used to characterize a person strong-willed, capable of open expression of emotions, feelings and experiences. Such people are never afraid to Express their opinions and strive to be aware of everything.
What is a strong personality
Distinguishing feature of strong man – unwavering confidence, their actions and deeds. Everything he does is executed from the position of the only correct decision in this situation. This person is aware of their real opportunities and tries to expand them, by setting goals and going for them, no matter what. A strong man aspires to the heights that it has never conquered – it needs and is able to prove to themselves and others their capabilities. Strong call a personthat puts themselves above all else – money, prosperity, family, relatives, etc. These people absolutely differently perceive the difficulties and doubts – they all cause fear and uncertainty for the other people, only more attractive. They are just there, breaking stereotypes and breaking all the rules.The good side of a strong personality – good communication skills. Such a person will not try someone to change, to impose their views, to convince – he just perceives other people as they are. He begins to change himself, achieving the desired goal.The strong personality accepts responsibility for her life – she realizes that no one is free to dispose of the destiny. Even working, strong man stimulates himself is not a wage, and interest – need to find out what happens when you do so and so.People find it hard to admit what the real feelings they are experiencing at a particular moment is weak people start to hide them under the guise of pity, and personal motives. A strong man always clearly expresses his emotions – if he's bored, then he says it. However, he is rarely ashamed of their symptoms and almost never experience guilt. Strong people do not recognize the authority – he is loyal only to himself. He does everything in a special way, showing your personality – creative people are almost always strong personalities. They often visit the crazy and brilliant ideas which they embody. To communicate with such people always easy – for them it is not necessary to adapt, they are open and sincere, have a healthy sense of humor and love life. They can laugh at themselves, and it is an indicator of mental balance and stability.

Advice 2: What is communication skills

In the announcements to work you can often see such a requirement for the applicant — good communication skills. What is this quality and why it is so necessary for successful work in a team, it is easy to understand — the ability to interact with others, to establish business and friendly contacts.
What is communication skills
In General, the communication skills, i.e. the ability to find common ground with others is a necessary quality in any work and in personal life. For some people this ability is innate or instilled since early childhood, others have to cultivate it in themselves. This is not as difficult as it may seem. Even uncommunicative, self-absorbed people can become outgoing, it is necessary only the desire and awareness of the importance of communication with others.

Do any sociable person can be called sociable

Not any sociable person can be called communicative. Sociable can be tedious and boring, and the gossip, distractions from work, and brawler looking for a reason for a long hassle. Meeting with such people unwanted neither in the team nor in the family. Some excessive volubility trying to replace the quality of the business — they even are pleasant, they are always ready with an interesting story, gossip, fable, And... only after hours of chatter for such a person, you know that this hour was completely lost without the use.

Similarly, the introverted, taciturn person not necessarily will be dark silent. He briefly and clearly explain to the subordinates what is required of them, will give a clear report to the chief, clearly and to the point answer a question without being distracted by extraneous issues. Is it difficult to call sociable, but such employee in the team — all colleagues... except for those who prefer a more intimate, trusting relationships.

What is true sociability

For a truly sociable person communication is fun. No matter who and what he says, the process is important and is the topic being discussed at the moment. He is able not only to speak but to listen, not only absently to agree, but arguing with a lively desire to defend their point of view without offending the interlocutor.

Also sociable man distinguished by the flexibility in communication with different groups of people, the ability to tune both the child and the old man, and a complete stranger. The ability to quickly and place to find or change the subject, avoiding conflict situations. It is thanks to such qualities, they are indispensable for business meetings and friendly conversations. While sociable person — not necessarily a leader, but the authority in the team he has always.

Cultivate the interpersonal skills necessary to make it not so difficult. The first rule is never to avoid contact. Always answer the questions, do not hesitate to ask, to clarify. And be sure to expand your field of knowledge and vocabulary, for which there is a great opportunity to read and chat with a sociable, pleasant people.
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