First, convince yourself that made everything unpleasant for you. To ignore the signals that something is done wrong, it is impossible, it simply means to remove the symptoms, not cured the cause of the disease. You can be in a more unpleasant situation. So follow the principle "Do what you must, come what may", that is to do everything you can and just wait.
Second, allow yourself to think about the bad. The main thing - not to fixate on the presence of bad thoughts. Tell yourself that you have the right to feel and think what you want. From this you will be taken to ensure that the thoughts will start to choose for yourself.

Start each day with a generate 5 ideas to improve your work and increase productivity. The idea can't be killed, it can only be replaced by another.
Third, discover the little artist, singer, writer. Why don't you go to the store for watercolors and album notes, a beautiful notebook – the future diary of a successful person. In the Internet you can find paintings of your favorite artists that you can put as Wallpaper to your desktop, ringtones-karaoke songs and lyrics to them, free books on interesting topics. Perhaps you forgot all about yourself and your needs. Dive into Hobbies will allow you to reset the heavy emotions and relax. It is also good to draw what scares me. The fire will burn part of your anxiety.