Be distracted. Next time, when small and harmful thoughts will creep in the head, claiming special attention for the whole day, just take care of some business. Preferably, not mechanical, like washing dishes. Go for a walk or just get out for a while the room or Cabinet in which are.
Abstracted. If the thought still haunted, imagine your situation as if from the outside, look at yourself and everything that happens around you. It helps to soberly assess the situation and stop the excitement and anxiety, which over time can grow with new force. Looking at the situation through the eyes of an outside observer, you will see how sometimes a tiny cause for concern.
Imagine you picked up an invisible eraser and just erase the events that haunt you. Instead of "blank spots" imagine the outcome that you see fit. If you hurt someone – answer as hesitate to answer then. If you fell in a puddle, "erase" this moment fully, but instead "draw" a storm of applause of recognition, as if you were handed the "Oscar", etc.
If feelings trifles come back again and again, try to "scare" them. There are several such techniques. For example, you are in the shower and quietly humming. If in the head crept into the idea harmful, dramatically improve the tone. Or, as soon as you visit another alert for nothing, throw things and start to swing a press or do push-UPS. Of course, such a defensive reaction will be appropriate exclusively in the home.
Disturbing thoughts come to you at work? Hang on the wall or Desk computer "soothing" label. For example, "you are great, and will be even better", "Spread your eyebrow and smile" and draw a funny face. Or just write in large letters the word "Enough!". As a reward for self-control spend the rest of the day unusual: go to the cafe, which has never been, or to the show, which has long wanted to see.