As soon as you came to mind unpleasant, frightening you thought, immediately imagine the opposite situation. If you are afraid to fly on an airplane and every fifteen minutes in all colors imagine your plane crashes with you on Board - be sure sooner or later it can happen.We all know that thoughts materialists. Don't let the bad thoughts take possession of him. As soon as I thought about the bad - immediately draw to mind the opposite. For example, your aircraft safely takes off, makes a stunning flying and makes a good fit. Relatives and friends meet you at the airport.
Do not keep emotions inside. Have you thought about or bad happened to you in some trouble. Don't drop it, pretending that all is well. Understand the situation. Analyze what exactly happened that upset you. Feel the situation, not run away from it.Release emotions, don't be afraid to cry. Don't be afraid to show your tears to others. Tears facilitate emotional state, then it will be easier to deal with the problem involving the reason. If crying is not your option, slam the door, knock a fist on the table.
As soon as bad thoughts begin to overcome you, do a sharp hand gesture, take a deep breath and exhale or go outside (it does not matter what the weather). Don't let unpleasant thoughts spinning in his head, banish them by an effort of will. Remember that you fight not with a fait accompli, and only my thoughts about it. You are far stronger than their thoughts. Cultivate self-esteem and self-confidence.
Stop going to be trouble in the future. There is no future, focus on today. To do this, choose one day and try to live it in the sense of "here and now". The more often you'll have to keep this feeling, the easier you will be able to remember him and to get out of the flow of unpleasant thoughts.
Do not stay alone with unpleasant thoughts. Don't close yourself in a room, go outside, call your friends, spend a lot of time in the company of people that interest you, go to the movies or to a play. Believe in what a bad mood is easy to get rid of it.