The first category of sites, providing earnings of$ 100 – the freelance projects. They are also called a meeting place for customers and performers, working mainly remotely. The principle of operation is quite simple: the employer puts in the website the job, some freelancers leave the application, and then selects a contractor.

Areas of work are numerous: design, programming, writing articles, layout, video, music, etc. In some areas the demand is greater, in some less, but the orders are everywhere, so you will be able to find something for everyone.

One of the biggest projects in this area – "FL.RU". Here is concentrated the largest number of customers, but competition is really high. In addition, free accounts have limitations on number of applications.

Other projects: Weblancer, Freelancer, Freelancejob. Orders here less, but to get the job done much easier. It is not necessary to choose any one project, you can sign up immediately at all to track down the best deals.


One of the easiest ways to make money online is writing. The demand is very high, since a huge amount of resources needed to fill with content. Despite strong competition, to orders will be able for even a beginner. In addition, on sale you can put the finished article.

The largest resources in this area are: eTXT, Advego, TextSale, ContentMonster, Copylancer, TextBroker. Payment is usually specified for 1000 printed characters without spaces. The cost for each site is different, but at least 100$ you can earn at all.

Also there are sites that pay for written articles. Here there are pluses and minuses. The main advantage is the constancy and passivity earnings. Just write the text once and it will constantly bring you profit. The main disadvantage is a long payback period. Leading resources: "Kakroo", iRecommend, Otzovik, "Belovodie".

Earnings on the website

100$ you can earn on its own resources. There are two options: advertising and selling links. In the first case, the earnings impact website traffic in the second technical indicators like the TCI (thematic index of citing) and PR (PageRank).

The largest project that provides the ability of earning on advertising are Yandex Direct and Google Adsense. Leader in the sale of banner places – exchange RotaBan. Links to websites are frequently buys through the site GoGetLinks, GetGoodLinks, RotaPost, Miralinks and Sape. They differ in the method of placement (manual or automatic) and duration (temporarily or permanently).

Alternative projects

There are also sites that allow you to earn good money by completing simple tasks. For example, the project YouDo, you can even find very unusual orders. For example, a request to paint a small logo of any company. However, most often there books about cleaning or any other chore.

The project Workle offers people official employment. You will be able to choose the direction of the activity: sale of tours, credit cards, etc. Profit – percentage of sales. Free training, as well as various bonuses for successful workers.

The website "Mogusa" allows anyone to make, doing what he loved. The contractor need only make a proposal and indicate that he will be able to do for a certain amount. For example, to draw a portrait for 500 rubles.