Not everyone will name the exact location of an organ, of course, if he is not a doctor. However, it is very useful to know where that is located, at least in order not to waste precious time at the onset of disease and consult doctor according to his profile. How are the internal organs?
With the brain is clear – it is the nervous tissue located inside your skull. Under the hemispheres of his two divisions back of the head is the cerebellum, the organ which controls balance and muscle reflexes. The spinal cord runs in the spinal canal. It is the beginning of the medulla oblongata, and the end marks the lower back. The spinal cord is responsible for transmitting signals to the brain from all other organs.
The location of the language is the oral cavity. We all know that it is necessary for chewing and pronunciation of words. A little further the nose and mouth is the pharynx. This acts on transport by air and food. Its offshoot is the esophagus and the larynx. Palatine tonsils can be seen on both sides of the throat, only if they have not cut. Their function is to hold the harmful bacteria and microorganisms so they do not fall inside.
On the front side of the neck you can palpate the thyroid gland. It produces the hormone that is responsible for normal functioning of all your organs and systems. Such a body as the esophagus has the form of a tube that connects the throat with the stomach and serves to transfer food. The trachea originates from the lower part of the larynx and divides into the two bronchi. Provides unobstructed air circulation. Inside your chest are the lungs, the protection of which serve as ribs.
For light is the heart, offset to the left area of the body, although in medicine reported cases mirrored position of internal organs. Accordingly, the heart of such a person is on the right. The heart works without stopping and circulates blood throughout the body. The largest organ inside your body is the liver. It is located in the upper abdominal region, just below the diaphragm. The liver is the filter of your body, which outputs a harmful decomposition products.
The gallbladder is located just under the liver. This body serves for the accumulation of bile. The spleen is shaped rather like a large bean and is located on the left side of the abdomen. In the middle of the abdomen is the pancreas responsible for the production of the hormone insulin. The stomach is in the upper part of the abdomen, on the left. The small intestine connects the stomach and large intestine, and fat should be right behind her. These two bodies are involved in the process of digestion. Appendicitis is the Appendix of the colon that many people removed.
Kidney – paired organ located in the back of the abdomen, below the ribs. They purify the blood from harmful substances. Function of the adrenals is the production of hormones, they are located on the kidneys. Ureters are represented by two tubes that connect the bladder and kidneys. The location of the bladder is the area below the abdomen between the urethra and the ureters. The tube of the urethra, the urine moves from the bladder to the outside.