When a person feels like his whole body hurts, like needles, this may be due to several reasons. For example, mental disorder, panic, poisoning. Whatever the reason, the body gives a signal to the individual that something is not right and an urgent need to bring yourself back to normal.

There are times when after a long, laughing, or drinking a Cup of coffee may feel like all over my body prick by needles. It all depends on the structure of the nervous system of man, his psyche. A simple answer to the question why manifest such feelings, it is impossible. Each case requires specific consideration. Below are the most frequent cases, when felt tingling throughout the body.

Overheating of the body

Often there are cases when the tingling starts after overheating of the body. The person experiences obvious inconvenience, not a few minutes to get rid of the tingling. Overheating can happen during physical work, while running, after long laughter, in hot weather. The reasons are many. Thus, if suffering from such an unpleasant symptom go to the doctor, rarely find deviations in health status.

To cease to suffer a similar ailment, you can change the diet in favor of plant foods. If there are harmful habits must be abandoned and replaced with cold water in the morning. At first, due to the strong impact of cold water will be felt a strong tingling, but after a couple of weeks and will be much easier. With proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle blood pressure normalizes, endocrine system, and will improve metabolic processes.

Nervous tension

Life in the big city, the frantic pace often leads to stressful situations and nervous breakdowns. When a person is nervous, he often starts stabbing all over the body in periods of great excitement and emotional surge. Unfortunately, even if it is a positive emotional outburst, still needle will prick all over the body.

To return to normal is to get rid of the feeling that throughout the body prick needles – you need to restore the nervous system, to try to lead a more active lifestyle. Good swimming pool, walks in the fresh air. The best option is to rest at least two weeks where no one knows you, so that nothing reminded of familiar surroundings.

Sexual arousal

Some people have tingling throughout the body with strong sexual arousal. But it is rather pleasant sensation, as part of lubania. You should not even try to get rid of these symptoms, as against physiology, formed in the course of ontogenesis, do nothing.