What does the body running ants?

Skin covered with goosebumps, popularly called the duck due to small pimples. In medicine this phenomenon is referred to as paresthesia, in the mechanism of development which is the pilomotor reflex, expressed by the contraction of the muscles of the hair follicles. At the signal of the peripheral nerve endings, the hairs rise on end, which can be compared with the ability of animals to bristle.
The feeling running gave me goose bumps as restless leg syndrome is expressed by a tingling, itching, unpleasant feeling of fullness or squeezing of the limb and forced to make a "throwing" motion with your feet.

The emergence ants human body responds to different factors. To emotional include watching a horror movie, a sense of danger, disgust, excitement, physiological is caused by the freezing or numbness that causes the tingling of a specific area of the body.

Formication as a sign of hyperkeratosis

If the skin and calm me remind you goosebumps, you should think about the presence of diseases such as hyperkeratosis diseases of unknown etiology. Scientists who study the causes of this deviation were divided into 2 opposite sides, one of which believes in the influence of hereditary factors on the development of hyperkeratosis, the other tries to prove to the hormonal nature of the disease.
Frequent sensation running on the skin tingling modern doctors called Autonomous sensory Meridian response and divided it into 4 groups according to the influence of factors provocateurs.

This skin disease does not carry health risks, because it is a cosmetic defect. Treatment of hyperkeratosis does not exist as such – their patients dermatologist may advise you to moisturize the skin with creams and clean scrubs or with acids, which gently removes the top layer of the epidermis and accelerates cell regeneration.

Lack of vitamins causing goose skin

Lack of vitamins is another factor that can cause chills running through the body. In spring and winter the situation is exacerbated because of the paucity of the diet, depleted of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes. Intake of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements in the body in small doses is not the best way affects the condition of the skin, resulting dryness and peeling of skin until it cracks. A deficiency of vitamin B1 is an important participant in metabolic processes, leads to poor blood circulation, itching and burning of the skin.