Turning off ads in settings of the browser

Most pop-UPS and a variety of banners that use special java script. In order to get rid of Intrusive advertising, you can simply disable this feature in your browser settings or use additional software.

For example, in Opera you can do this in the following way: first, you must go to the "Tools" tab, where you click on the link "General settings" (you can also use the key combination Ctrl+F12). Next you need to go into the "Advanced" tab and in the left menu, select "Contents". There will be several points which you need to untick (if available). First, it is necessary to remove from the item "Enable animated images" and second, from the field "Enable JavaScript". Naturally, this procedure is not completed. Once the need in the Main tab, opposite of the "pop-up", select "Block unsolicited" and confirm the action with the button "OK".

Special FOR

In addition, the user can use the special software. For example, one of the brightest representatives - Adguard. In order to disable ads and banners from websites, you need to download and install the program (it can be easily found on the Internet). After clicking on the icon Adguard in the opened window you can just click on "Enable protection", which is located in the upper right corner, and then pop-UPS and various ads will be automatically blocked. If the user will again see the need in pop-up Windows, you can enable them. You only need to click on the label "Disable protection" and all will return into place.

In addition to the program Adguard, the user can use a small utility for Opera browser called Adblock. To install this extension, go to the corresponding window (you need to go to the Opera menu, located in the upper left corner, select "Extensions" and then "Manage extensions"). After a new window opens, click on the "Install" button. In the search bar (upper right corner) to enter the name of the extension, namely Adblock, and confirm the search. When the result will be extension Opera Adblock, select it and click on "add to Opera", then "Install". At the end of the installation procedure, most pop-UPS and various ads will automatically be blocked. In addition, the user can change the settings in the utility menu "Manage extensions".