Before you can open a browser or connect the Internet access, it is recommended to enable the antivirus program. As they very quickly become obsolete, they should be periodically updated. You can do it every time manually, and set the settings of the program automatic update.

How to remove virus ads from your browser

Scammers often use this trick as the appeared dialog box, in which the virus requires to send an SMS to a specific number, with ads, which not always has decent content. Users who are new to the Internet, call such a situation a Google. To identify this problem usually help pornographic image that appears when you start the browser.

To get rid of such a situation if it happened in Internet Explorer is quite simple. To do this in the browser go to the link Service and click add-ins item. Next, choose Toolbar and extensions. Now you need to disable extensions. Each time you need to restart the browser, checking whether there are any advertising. After the expansion of the virus is found, it is recommended to return all secure settings.

How to remove virus that locks up the browser Opera

If you are interested in how to remove virus that locks up the browser Opera, you will need to do the following steps. To begin, open a web browser. It is necessary to go to the Tools menu and choose Settings. In the opened tab press Advanced – Content – JavaScript Configure.

Line with the Browse button should be empty. If there are any decals, they are deleted and click OK. After restarting the browser the Google should disappear. If not, you will have to find other ways of virus removal.

What infections occur and the ways their actions

In the recent increase in various cases of Internet fraud. Among the most popular of these is the situation when the virus blocks the browser requests the phone in this case a pop-up window that appears on the background of the main Yandex. The user misleading, promising him the winning amount of money that will be transferred to the mobile phone.

Additionally, when you visit certain web-resources may display “your browser is blocked”. In order to remedy the situation, the virus will require to send SMS to a specified number. Usually this provokes a “Trojan”. Incidentally, the latter does not always help for sure. If a virus blocks access to web sites in the browser, it is possible that even if your computer start in normal mode after sending the SMS, the Trojan's in my other programs.

If you have a reliable anti-virus, it usually warns you that the site is unsafe for the computer. You should avoid these pages, in any case not passing on the link.

In cases where you cannot cope with the situation, it is better to invite a specialist. You may need to reinstall the system or format the drives. In order to initially not to encounter such problems, try to avoid suspicious resources online, and use updated anti-virus software.