You will need
  • - Adblockplus;
  • - Dr.Web CureIt.
If you want to prevent advertising Windows and pop-up ads while viewing pages, then install the browser plugin. Use the example of utility Adblockplus. Click on the link, select the version appropriate for the browser you are using and install it.
Unfortunately, apart from harmless advertising Windows that appear when browsing web pages, there are viral banners that block access to many functions of the browser. To remove them it is better to use several ways. Try to find the right code. Click on the link or
Enter account number or mobile phone in the designated field. Hit the button "Get unlock code". Substitute given to you by the system passwords in the field of the banner.
Repeat the algorithm described in the previous step by clicking on the following links: and
If on these sites you can not find the required password, then use a special utility CureIt from Dr. Web. Download it from and install the application. Start scanning your system for virus files.
If you do not help none of the above methods, remove the virus by yourself. Try to remove the browser. Of course, this should be done via add and remove programs located in control panel. Select the complete removal option (with all add-ons and plug-ins).
If you don't want to remove the browser and losing all bookmarks and settings, find the virus files. Open the system32 folder and locate a file with the following format: ***lib.dll where the stars can mean any letter or number. Delete these files. Then restart the computer.