You will need
  • Computer, browser.
Let's start with Internet Explorer. Log in and click "Tools" located in the upper right corner of the screen, choose the link "Internet options".
In the "Internet options" in the "General" tab look under "browsing History" and click "Delete". In the opened window, select the checkboxes of the types of information which you want to delete, and click Delete. After a while the process of file deletion is completed. This procedure is recommended to be repeated periodically.
Consider the Opera browser. Go into browser, press the "Menu" button located in the upper left corner of the screen, find the line "Settings" and then go to the line "General settings".
In the opened settings select the "Advanced" tab. Under the line "Remember visited addresses for history and autocompletion" push the button "Clear" do the same operation in the line "Disk cache". After the cleaning is completed, press the "Ok"button.
Consider the Mozilla Firefox browser. Go to menu "Tools", select "Settings". A window will appear. In the top menu click the "Privacy" tab. In the text window will be active two inscriptions: "Delete recent history" and "remove individual cookies". Click the action you wish to perform. In the relevant data Windows the actions you should choose what elements you want to delete and confirm your choice by pressing the corresponding.
Consider the Google Chrome browser. Locate and click the customize and control Google Chrome". In the appeared menu, click "Options". In the new window select the "Advanced" tab. Now go further clicking the button "Delete browsing data". Then in the window choose the option "Clear cache" button and choose "Delete browsing data". The process will start.
Consider Safari. Open the Safari menu "edit", select "Clear cache". Confirm the selection by pressing the "Clear"button