Bleach used for disinfection and bleaching, consists of chloride, hypochlorite and calcium hydroxide. Because of these components it is not just changing the color of the fabric, as other means, and it burns forever. That's why to erase traces of bleach on clothing will not be able by any means. The only way to disguise the stain.
If you are ready to change the color of their things, paint it with special paint for fabric. It is sold in any hardware store. It is not necessary to boil clothes. She is perfectly painted and at a low temperature. The main thing is to add salt and rinse – a tablespoon of vinegar. These substances will enhance the color. However, if the bleach ruined a big plot on the clothes of dark color, paint it can happen unevenly. And during subsequent washings the stain can stand out from the background a lighter place.
Hide unsightly spot under a beautiful patchwork or applique. You can also sew interesting pocket or pristroit beautiful ribbon. In this case, your thing will be stylish, and most importantly – unique. Fantasy in this case can be unlimited.
If a drop of bleach got on one of the clothing items, try to unpick it to sew a new one. So you can replace the collar, cuffs, pocket or belt. But for this you have to find a suitable color and texture of the material. The lack of sewing skills would also not be a problem here, because you can always seek the services of a professional dressmaker.
Small spot on chest mask can be a beautiful brooch, and stained the hem to shorten or defer. Pick up a nice thread and make on the spot spot a few lines. They can be located not only along the hem edge, but also crosswise or across at all. Such stitching is to turn the rotten thing interesting and fashionable.